Spring Election 2016: County supervisor District 18 candidates Q&A


A map of the county supervisor 18th district. (Click for a larger view)

Voters in county board district 18 will be able to cast a ballot in a contested county supervisor race on April 5.

The 18th District includes much of Bristol in Western Kenosha County (see map above). The rest of the district is in Pleasant Prairie.

The same questionnaire was submitted by westofthei.com to each candidate, by email or by mail.

Here is their biographical information, followed by their question responses:

Jill Gillmore — Age: 32. Education: Bachelors Degree in criminology from the University of Wisconsin Parkside. Occupation: Wife, Mother, Small Farmer. Previous elected or governmental experience: I am on the board of directors for the Bristol Wisconsin Historical Society. I am also actively involved with Bristol Progress Days Committee.

Monica Yuhas — Age: 47. Education: Graduate of Tremper High School, Attended UW-Parkside. Occupation: Engineering Department Secretary, Village of Pleasant Prairie. Previous elected or governmental experience: 2007 – 2014 Trustee, Village of Pleasant Prairie; 2013 – 2014 Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities; 2008 – 2014 Vice Chair, Community Development Authority; 2007 – 2013 Member, Parks Commission; 2001 – 2008 Member, School Commission.

1.) Why are you a better choice for county supervisor than your opponent?

Gillmore — I have deep roots in this community and I am heavily involved in multiple activities. I will take on issues and create solutions that benefit the people of this district and the county as a whole. Unlike my opponent who helped raise taxes 27% (over 2 times the rate of inflation ) during the recession, I will work to save your tax dollars and make the best use of the county’s revenue. I will put YOU first.

Yuhas — For seven years, I served the public as a Trustee. I was the second woman to hold this position, and the first ever to hold this office for more than one consecutive term. When I was elected, I made it a top priority to spend time in every department, every year that I was in office. I worked the Finance counter, went out on Assessment visits, spent time in Community Development meetings, rode 21 shifts with the Police Department, worked in Public works, and spent 24 hours with the Fire Department. I did all of this because I felt it was the best way for me to learn about Village operations. The knowledge I gained from these experiences helped me to make informed decisions on staffing and the budget. The fiscally conservative decisions I made during my seven years in office provided quality essential services and kept taxes low on residential development. Those decisions helped spur economic development and created 4,095 quality paying jobs. I have a proven record of experience, strong leadership skills, being responsive, and most importantly, being independent. I believe in pragmatism over party politics and I refuse to discount someone’s ideas simply due to their political beliefs. That is why I have not taken any endorsements from any political party during my campaign. The office of County Board Supervisor is a non-partisan office. Party politics should not come into play at the local level, but unfortunately it does, and it has. I believe that while serving a non-partisan office you have to be willing to listen and take ideas from all sides of the political spectrum to be an effective representative. I believed this as a Trustee, and I still believe it today as I run for County Board Supervisor. I believe in responsive representation. Even after being out of public office for the past two years, I still receive calls from residents asking for direction regarding a concern or an issue that they have. I consider the opportunity to serve the 18th District a privilege and I will do so independently and diligently. I will bring fiscal responsibility and work hard to bring new economic development to Kenosha County.

2.) What will be your top priorities if elected?

Gillmore — Putting people first. Kenosha County faces many issues at this time which include mental health doctor shortages, the lack of trained skilled workers, shortage of correctional officers, the current tax burden, and the debt level in Kenosha County. I myself have no political agenda, however the people in the 18th district do have concerns and needs that they would like to see met. They have voices and ideas that need to be validated. I will be the means that drives their ideas forward. My only priority and commitment is to the people of this district. I will promote an atmosphere of fiscal responsibility and a heart of collaboration. I know what it takes to transform complex issues into practical solutions. I think “outside the box” and offer proactive approaches with a positive attitude.

Yuhas — Economic development. An important issue facing the residents of the 18th District is the development of Bristol’s corporate park. Economic development is an instrumental part of any successful community. It supports local infrastructure and provides jobs for our community, and helps keep residential tax burdens lower. Southeast Wisconsin is a magnet for companies looking to relocate to Bristol and Pleasant Prairie. The economic turmoil in Illinois is virtually launching businesses out of the state. We need the ability to not only catch, but to keep these companies and the local jobs they bring with them. Treatment of mental illness. Mental health is essential to a person’s well-being, their family, and their ability to live a full and productive life. Mental illness is a growing concern and unfortunately the costs for treatments are expensive and subsidized by Kenosha County. As the need continues to rise, the County Board must be diligent in finding cost effective treatments for residents.



  1. Bristol Resident says:

    With all due respect to Ms. Gilmore, her uncharacteristic slam at her opponent, Ms Yuhas, for “raising taxes 27% during the recess” is right out of the ALEC Tea Party play book. Look at the qualifications of the 2 candidates…..Ms. Yuhas is CLEARLY better qualified, and the economic development she was part of during her 7 years as a village trustee will pay dividends to her constituents in BOTH Pleasant Prairie AND Bristol. Were taxes raised during that period? You bet.
    Want to compare Pleasant Prairie’s economic development to Bristol’s? I think both candidates have a sincere interest in serving their communities. Ms. Yuhas has the needed experience to “step in” to the position immediately.

  2. Pleasant Prairie Taxpayer says:

    Bristol Resident —

    Your slam at ALEC and the Tea Party is characteristic of a big-spending liberal who works for government. Are you going to call Scott Walker Hitler next or bring up the Koch Brothers?

    The purpose of economic development is to LOWER taxes, not raise them. Economic development like the Abbott “property” that Yuhas approved and the state had reimburse HUD for a couple of year ago? See Kenosha News link: http://tinyurl.com/hybjokh

    Because you most likely work for government, you probably weren’t affected by the recession and didn’t have to take a pay cut or lose your job and then have your house foreclosed on like a lot of residents of the county. Working for government, you probably got a raise on the backs of those people who lost their jobs.

    I remember Pleasant Prairie stealing Bristol’s land away from the town by annexation, but that was probably OK with you, too.

  3. Pleasant Prairie Taxpayer says:

    Will Yuhas “step in” to the position of impeding access to public information? Something Pleasant Prairie government is known for. Even the Kenosha News was disappointed by Yuhas. http://tinyurl.com/gl7sp93

  4. Bristol Resident says:

    @Pleasant Prairie Taxpayer…….judging from your response, looks like my assessment that ALEC backed Tea Party political strategies have entered into this race are SPOT ON!! Ms. Yuhas correctly points out that this race should be non-partisan. Her opponent cites: “the current tax burden and debt level in Kenosha county” as top priorities. OK. How did THAT happen under the Republican “leadership” in our state? Kind of funny….I never mentioned Walker or the Koch brothers…you did! You brought up the Ulines, something Walker routinely does. Sounds like you don’t appreciate all of the economic development and jobs that they brought to Kenosha County, specifically to Pleasant Prairie. Pretty apparent you don’t like folks who “work for government”(your words, not mine). Does that include Walker? Samantha? Robin? Fitzgerald? Seems to me Bristol ok’d Pleasant Prairie annexing the land so that Uline could be built, something that benefitted both communities.
    keep drinking that Kool-Aide!

  5. Qualifications Quandry says:

    When asked what her qualifications were to run for County Supervisor, candidate Gillmore told the Kenosha News “well, I’m endorsed by Samantha Kerkman”. OK.

  6. Bristol Resident says:

    Folks who live in Pleasant Praire know full well the positive impact that Ms. Yuhas has had in making their village a great place to live and to work, and they also appreciate her efforts in making their local government HIGHLY EFFICIENT, cost effective, and a model for surrounding communities to adopt. That experience will dove-tail nicely into her position as a county supervisor, where the residents of Bristol will also benefit from her expertise. I suggest that “Pleasant Prairie Taxpayer” calm down a tad, slip some lithium into your Kool-Aide and enjoy the political reformation about to take place in our state.

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