Salem to take on water patrol for Silver Lake, Paddock Lake and Lilly Lake

Photo by ajenyon via

Photo by ajenyon via

Note: Updated now with comment from Salem Supervisor Dan Campion. — DH

Salem expanded its water patrol obligations beyond its own borders this summer with the approval of three contracts to patrol Silver Lake, Paddock Lake and Lilly Lake in Wheatland.

Separate contracts with the village of Silver Lake, the village of Paddock Lake and Wheatland were approved by the Salem Town Board in a special meeting Monday night. The Silver Lake contract was approved unanimously. The Paddock Lake and Wheatland contracts passed 4-1 with Supervisor Dan Campion voting against.

Campion said in an email message to that he thought perhaps the town was getting ahead of itself in taking on all three lakes this summer:

My vote against the Water Patrol contracts with Town of Wheatland for Lilly Lake and Village of Paddock Lake for Paddock Lake was based upon adding too much to our existing commitments. We added patrolling Silver Lake last year and will again this year. I fully supported adding Silver Lake. We have a number of residences from the Town of Salem on this lake. I wanted to be certain we can accommodate the added responsibility and maintain our high standards. The best way to explain it is ‘let’s walk before we run.’ My colleagues on the Town Board approved all three contracts. I am willing to accept that and fully support the efforts of our Water Patrol.” (Note: Originally this story said Campion did not respond to our email request for a comment, but it turns out he replied in a timely manner, but it was filtered into our spam folder, which we had not checked. I apologize for the error. — DH)

Each contract was similar in many facets, such as the $35 per patrol hour cost to be paid to Salem by the other municipalities, but also had unique aspects such as how much patrol will be delivered.

Both the Paddock Lake and Wheatland contracts have the home municipalities seeking and receiving water patrol reimbursement from the Department of Natural Resources. For Silver Lake, Salem will seek that reimbursement, and what Salem receives will ultimately reduce the village of Silver Lake’s cost as well.

The DNR typically reimburses about 70 percent of water patrol expenses if the municipality can meet certain criteria. Both Paddock Lake and Wheatland were unable to claim reimbursement last year because their programs were not consistent enough.

An exhibit in the contract with Silver Lake estimates a cost of $7,103 to the village after DNR reimbursement and estimated revenue from court violations.

An exhibit in the contract with Paddock Lake estimates a cost of $4,057 to the village after the DNR reimbursement and estimated court violations revenue.

An exhibit in the contract with Wheatland estimates a cost of $ 7,510 to the town, but does not account for possible DNR reimbursement or court revenue.

In addition to the new patrol, Salem public safety staff will continue to patrol the town’s own lakes with no lessening of service, said town administrator Patrick Casey.

Paddock Lake, Silver Lake and Wheatland will all provide a boat or personal water craft for officers to use for patrol on their lakes, saving launching and boat transport time, Casey said. Those craft will be maintained and fueled by the home municipalities.

Asked by board members about the availability of enough personnel to act as water patrol officers, David Shortess, Salem public safety director, said he is confident there will be enough staff available.

Casey admitted that this was new for the town and ultimately might not prove to be feasible for future summers.

“We need to see how it works,” Casey said. “We think we can handle it … we could be totally wrong … we’re not afraid to say hey let’s get out of this business.”

Paddock Lake, Silver Lake and Wheatland will now have to approve the contracts.

Here is the Paddock Lake contract.

Here is the Silver Lake contract.

Here is the Wheatland (Lilly Lake) contract.



  1. Sl Goverment says:

    Well so much for the folks that said we have no water patrol in Silver Lake. The worst is we should have to pay nothing because Silver Lake does not own the lake. Salem does. But yet another boo- boo by a past Silver Lake President about four of them back screwed us. That person signed an open end contract with Salem that does not have an ending clause. He said Silver Lake will patrol the lake forever at no cost to Salem. Yes its true. 5 board members know what they are doing. The others need to go. Vote Raymond, Francart and Withers to fill the open spots. They will move us into the future.

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    Another terrific example of communities working together to maximize their resources for the betterment of their citizens. Salem “wrote the book” on it years ago, and surrounding communities are FINALLY beginning to “see the light”. Thank goodness the new Silver Lake board “stepped up to the plate” and EMBRACED the philosophy of “shared services”…to the delight of most of our citizens, the chagrin of a few! So one more time……will Silver Lake have water patrol provided on “our lake” this summer or not. The naysayers keep telling us we won’t……

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    I noticed that Somers and Paris are working out an intergovernmental agreement for land along I-94. The plan will both benefit and protect the interest of BOTH communities for years to come. How refreshing. Any time ANY type of “working with our neighbors” is considered here in Silver Lake, the “good ol boys(& gals)club” reacts with dismay and disdain. Fortuanately, we have new village board that understands the importance of working together with our neighbors for the benefit of all. How refreshing, indeed.

  4. Salem Inc. ? says:

    With Salem possibly considering incorporation in the future it needs to be explored that Silver Lake rescind their village status as part of Salems incorporation process.

    To have one village surrounding another village while at the same time having the smaller village purchasing services from the larger village, seems to go to reason that having the second layer of government and two different tax bases at different rates to be on the verge of being ridiculous.

    If it comes to pass in the near future that Silverlake outsources virtually everything that they are responsible for then the only thing they will have different ‘is’ the village board.

    I’m only putting this in writing because there has been a lot of talk about the cooperation with neighboring municipalities being not only a good thing but seemingly to be on its way to working well. And since Silver Lake by virtue of geography is internal to Salem, it just makes sense to have one government and not two.

  5. Silver Lake says:

    Yes Salem Inc you make perfect sense. Thank for your comment.

  6. robert walski says:

    there should not be any patrol this is why I sold my boat and will not go on any lakes in this area….major scam

  7. Toney stone says:

    Hey Bernard since you think the Zamboni was such a good idea maybe you can figure at way to use it for water patrol!

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