Traffic info regarding Randall School’s Shamrock ‘N’ Run Saturday morning

The Village of Twin Lakes posted the following info regarding traffic handling and parking regarding the Randall School Shamrock ‘N’ Run Saturday morning:

1. Starting at 10AM – Runners will have full access to Legion drive for the first few minutes of the race (although they will be encouraged to hug the right side of the road) heading to Chapel; Legion Drive will be closed for approximately 10 minutes

2. After runners loop through the northern neighborhood, TLPD will manage the corner at Gatewood/Legion to help runners cross Legion (as the road will be open again) to turn on Wilmot

3. Runners heading back to TLCC on Legion should cross again immediately at Chapel and hug the left side of the road (TLCC side) – this area will have cones set out along Legion

Parking will be at TLCC (lot closing by 9:30) & Legion Park. We will also have bus shuttle services from 9-10 between Haase Funeral Home or another lot near Donavan’s Bar/Grill.

Participants and friends of Randall School are invited to the Country Club from 10:30-1:30 for the after-party. Randall School thanks you for your patience Saturday AM as they try to maneuver 300+ runners along the course.

View the course map here.



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