Bristol residents seeking speed limit change on Highway Q

A citizen effort to have the speed limit lowered on a county highway drew the support of the Bristol Village Board Monday.

The petition, with over 110 signatures, requests the speed limit on Highway Q (also known as 104th Street and Winfield Road in places) from Highway U to Highway 45 be lowered to 45 mph. The current speed limit on that stretch is 55 mph.

The petition, which was presented to the Village Board for its support before being taken to the county, cites increased traffic due to changes to Highway C and hills blocking views when school buses are stopping along the road. Says a portion of the petition:

School buses full of children are traveling this road and the hills blocking views coming up upon a stopped bus is very dangerous at 55mph. It has also become increasingly difficult to back out of driveways. We are concerned for the safety of the families living along HW Q and are asking that the speed limit be lowered as soon as possible.”

Village administrator Randy Kerkman said the board supported the effort. A resolution affirming that support will be drawn up and voted on at the Village’s Board next meeting. That resolution will then be sent to the county.


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