Fox River County Park to partially re-open Saturday

If the warmer weather of late has made you inclined to visit Fox River County Park, you’re in luck. The park, closed since Feb. 15 for the mass removal of ash trees, will partially reopen Saturday, the office of  Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser announced Friday.

Most of the park will be accessible to the public. The exceptions are the boat launch, river lot and parking lot #1, where cut ash tree logs remain stacked.

Fox River Park, Brighton Dale Golf Course and Petrifying Springs Park underwent removal of all ash trees over the winter. The logging was done as a way to stop the spread of the destructive emerald ash borer.

Here’s the county’s full announcement:

Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser has announced that Fox River Park will partially reopen on Saturday, March 12, 2016. Kreuser said he “appreciates the public’s patience during the logging project and is pleased that Kenosha County is able to partially reopen Fox River Park with the warm temperatures and increased demand to visit the Parks.” Fox River’s 27-hole disc golf course and hiking paths will be open to the public. Visitors will have access to a majority of Fox River Park and including parking in lots #2 and #3. Visitors are advised to use caution on all trails within Fox River Park as areas remain covered with debris and branches from the ash tree removal project. Fox River Park’s boat launch, river lot, and parking lot #1 will remain closed due to unsafe piles of logs and brush within these areas. All unsafe areas will be marked and barricaded to inform the public of prohibited areas within the park. Cleanup efforts will be a continued effort and priority by county staff. The next phase of this project will concentrate on the cleaning of small debris, stumps, and turf damage that was caused by the logging operations. As part of the comprehensive reforestation plan, Kenosha County Parks has already planted over 2,000 trees over the past five years. Over the next three years, Kenosha County will plant an additional 500 trees within Petrifying Springs Park and Golf Course, Fox River Park, and Brighton Dale Links Golf Course. For more information, please contact the Kenosha County Parks at (262) 857-1869.”

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