Zachary Fitzpatrick tour Hong Kong as part of Carthage College J-Term

Zachary Fitzpatrick of Bristol is among Carthage College students who participated in a J-Term study tour to Hong Kong.

J-Term is a special month-long period of study in which Carthage students explore subjects outside their majors or minors, discover new interests, and test their creativity through classes held both on campus and around the world. It’s a month to experiment, create and dream. Carthage is ranked No. 4 in the nation among baccalaureate institutions for student participation in short-term study abroad.

Interplay of Economics, Politics, and Culture in Hong Kong” focused on international finance, economics, and business law in Hong Kong, arguably Asia’s premier international financial center, as well as a major trade hub. Carthage College students learned about what it is like to do business in Hong Kong for both multinational companies and small local businesses. Students also saw special aspects of business law, which deal with international trade including topics such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

In addition to learning about Hong Kong’s economy, they also experienced first-hand the fascinating juxtaposition of cultures and customs, and learned more about Hong Kong’s unique governmental structure within China’s “One Country, Two Systems” framework. They visited the judiciary, the legislature, and the stock exchange as well as local landmarks including Ladies’ Market, the Bird Market, Buddhist and Taoist temples, the Big Buddha on Lantau Island, as well as monasteries and nunneries.


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