UPDATE: Last 10 at large bison shot at owner’s request for safety reasons

The last 10 loose bison near Paddock Lake Saturday were shot after several attempts to corral them failed, a sheriff’s department media release said.

“This difficult decision was due to concerns for the safety of area residents and passing motorists,” the release said. “The owner was very concerned about the community and wanted to ensure that no one was injured.”

Said Sheriff David Beth:

“While the loss of these animals is unfortunate, they are wild animals and could have severely injured or killed anyone who happened to cross their path.”

A total of 17 bison escaped their enclosure at a Paris farm this morning. A tree had fallen on a section of fence, enabling the escape.

Seven of the bison were corralled and returned to the farm.

No one was injured.

Here’s some video of the scene shot by Larry Zamba of Zamba Photography, zambaphotography.com:

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  1. Sam posy says:

    From your press conference mr. Beth I’m wondering if in fact this gentleman was in accordance with laws of Kenosha county concerning the raising of such animals and if in fact he is I must assume you are aware of his farm, having said that you mean to say you weren’t prepared to bring a more peaceful end to this situation then who the heck are trying to buffalo!!!!

  2. Loddie Shaw says:

    Buffalo burgers for everybody……..

  3. Linda says:

    Donate meat to Pantry’s in racine Kenosha Milwaukee ?

  4. J Slatner says:

    Buffalo are not domesticated like a cow. They are wild, fast and dangerous when outside of a properly built enclosure. The farm has special fences and procedures to contain and deal with them. A large tree is more massive than a buffalo and when something that large falls on the fence it is destroyed. It is sad what had to be done and everyone tried there damnedest to get them back towards the farm but the day was wearing on and a town with a few thousand people was only a block away. What was done was proper and anyone that disagrees with the action taken is speaking only from emotion and not from the realities associated with this sort of farming. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It was a freak thing and luckily no one was injured or killed. I applaud the actions and professionalism of everyone involved.

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    I concur that everyone involved with the effort acted professionally. I commend the owner for putting the community’s safety above his own profit margin. This was a tremendous financial loss to him. Sam Posy….the usual blathering!

  6. Larry Zamba says:

    Sam, I was the individual doing the video. What’s not reported is that the owner shot the buffalo, not the deputies. The owner tried three times to get them out of a gully. Eventually he gave up and shot them 10 of them.

    The deputies were their strictly there to keep the roads clear of cars while recovery was attempted.

    There is a rumor about the owner donating the meat. I can’t confirm that, but I’d seriously doubt it. They were raised to be slaughtered at that age anyhow so I can’t see $10,000 of meat given away that was meant to be sold.

    1. The owner told the press conference Saturday that he will not be able to sell the meat because the bison were not properly inspected. He said he will seek to donate the meat. Video is here:http://westofthei.com.customers.tigertech.net/2016/03/05/coverage-of-loose-bison-press-conference-video-photos/56407

  7. Tony stone says:

    Bernard you’ve written the book on babbling on everything from silver lake to Singapore so you reap the harvest that you sew

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