Paddock Lake president: Approved ATC route lowers village valuation by $3 million


This is the route approved by the PSC, says ATC. (Click for larger view).

Approval of a 138,000-volt electrical transmission line route that goes through a portion of Paddock Lake’s west side has effectively removed $3 million from the village’s valuation, village President Terry Burns said.

The Public Service Commission approved the line proposed by American Transmission Co. for an approximately 23-mile route through Western Kenosha County and into Walworth County. The line will link a substation in Bristol with one in Lake Geneva.

ATC says the line is needed to improve the reliability of electrical service in the area.

But Burns says the route favored by ATC and ultimately approved by the PSC has hampered how some land on the village’s southwest side will be able to be developed.

A developer had planned to put in a high scale equestrian residential development there. But with the line running through it, that sort of development is not viable, Burns said.

“If someone took $3 million out of your community, how would you feel?” Burns said.

Paddock Lake and Salem sought to provide route alternatives that would have not impacted the equestrian development land and current residents, Burns said, but to no avail.

“We provided very valid points and it just falls on deaf ears,” Burns said. “Big business and big government won out … It’s disheartening.”

ATC says the project is estimated to cost $70.6 million. The PSC’s final order for the project is anticipated to be issued within the month. Construction is projected to begin in summer 2017, with an in-service date of summer 2019.



  1. West of 45 Citizen says:

    All of the local presentations and ATC representatives listening to local residents voice their concerns, to which I was one, was nothing but a bunch of smoke & mirrors as in the end, ATC does as they initially planned to do. Health risks near schools and residential areas, negative effects on local property values, etc mean nothing. The PSC is a worthless paper tiger. Dictatorship—- You’d think we’re part of the former Soviet Union! Are you listening Samantha!!

  2. Patti Kuzniar says:

    I absolutely hate what this plan will do to our lovely landscape along highway 50. The highway is well traveled by many people traveling to Lake Geneva and Lake Delavan. I have lived here for 23 years in a lovely subdivision off of hwy50 . This route to visit the lakes is really the only one that connects to I94, and this monstrosity substation (which will be built practically in my back yard) is a real eye sore, the towers are very large and tall and stick out like a sore thumb!! This path will deter tourism, affect the smaller local businesses not to mention the the homeowners house values to diminish! If this plan goes ahead, I am getting out !! Do you not value what Wisconsin is all about?? What about the schools. Do you care about the children? There is good paths along highway 12 and plenty of land to be had to get to it! Please find another way!!!

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