Phases 1 and 2 completed in search for new Bristol School District administrator

The Bristol School District issued the following update on its search for a new district administrator:

The consultants of McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C. have completed Phases I and II of the district administrator search process. The phases included work with the school board and the community to identify criteria for a new district administrator for Bristol School District #1. The top criteria, as determined by the School Board, are as follows: 1) A leader who can effectively facilitate change and sustain a positive school climate. 2) A professional who is passionate about education and who is rooted in best practice and research. 3) An effective communicator and engaged team player, who provides descriptive, constructive feedback and who listens to staff concerns and follows up on them. 4) A leader who allows and expects staff to perform their roles and to be accountable. 5) A visible leader who reaches out and gets involved in the community. 6) A person who values and encourages participation in the arts and other extra-curricular activities. The district administrator’s position is being advertised through the American Association of School Administrators, the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators, the McPherson & Jacobson website, and professional associations throughout the United States. On February 23, Consultants Joe Schroeder and Damian LaCroix met with the Board of Education to review an initial summary of stakeholder input, begin identifying interview questions in line with stakeholder input and desired superintendent criteria, and discuss the logistics of the interview process. The deadline for submitting application materials is February 24. After that date, the consultants will begin reviewing the completed files and evaluating the candidates against the established criteria. The consultants will be conducting extensive background checks on the candidates. On March 9, the consultants will meet with the Board of Education to review candidates and assist the Board as it selects candidates to be interviewed. The Board hopes to announce the next district administrator by the start of April. It is anticipated that the successful candidate will begin official duties on July 1.


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