A word from our sponsors: It’s Tax Season for Bruce Melling, CPA

Note: Bruce Melling, CPA is a westofthei.com sponsor. This is a paid announcement. — DH

February is well underway. Days are getting longer. The temperatures are getting warmer (at least some days). Spring is surely right around the corner.

As a CPA, to Bruce Melling, it is Tax Season. This year’s filing deadline, April 18th, will be here before we know it. This is Bruce’s 47th tax season, so he’s done this a few times before. His tax organizers have been mailed. These are helpful packets of information that guide his clients when they are gathering their tax documentation. Although he is contacted by his clients all year long about their tax status, estimated payments, withholding status, and letters from the IRS, this time of year the contacts increase significantly. He’s in the midst of completing tax returns for individuals in 14 states.

This is also the time when new clients contact Bruce. Bruce was likely recommended to them by someone they know that is a current client of Bruce’s, or they saw his advertisement here on westofthei.com.

Tax Year 2015 involved numerous important changes in the Federal income tax system. The changes result in an even greater need to have your taxes prepared by a professional this year. Contact Bruce by phone at 866-578-0900 or e-mail him at bruce@mellingcpa.com. You can also visit his website at www.mellingcpa.com.


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