Joint statement seeks to clarify reason for Silver Lake clerk/treasurer’s departure

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board and outgoing Clerk/Treasurer Terry Faber issued a joint statement Friday seeking to clarify the circumstances that led to Faber’s departure.

The board unanimously approved (Trustee Carolyn Dodge was absent) a separation agreement with Faber at Wednesday’s regular board meeting.

The statement, distributed to local media via email from village President Bruce Nopenz, stresses that Faber’s departure is economic, not based on the performance of her duties, despite recent criticism of her by at least one village trustee.

The statement says in part:

While acknowledging that there has been controversey, the decision for her to leave was based upon an understanding that the treasurer and clerk serve at the pleasure of the board and the board is concerned with cost cutting, as evidenced by other village reductions and Mrs. Faber’s resignation is directly a result of an effort to reduce overhead at the village. Mrs. Faber does not, by resigning, admit any of the allegations that have been speculated upon and in fact denies either any inappropriate or unprofessional behavior in the fullfillment of her 11 years of service to the village. It is important for all to understand that she resigned without any findings of disservice as malfeasance and the parties to the severence agreement all agree that her work record as the clerk and treasurer, has been honest, professional and diligent.”

The statement also says Faber has agreed to assist her successor as clerk with the upcoming April election.

On Wednesday, after the separation agreement was approved, Nopenz said he wanted to explore reassigning duties among the remaining two office staff members, rather than hire a replacement for Faber.

“You don’t need three full-time people,” Nopenz said. “This village is small.”

Nopenz said the agreement is effective March 4. The agreement includes severance pay.



  1. Sl Goverment says:

    Thanks for giving Faber a dignified exit. She did not deserve you being so nice to her.

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    “Leaner, Smaller, Less Government”. What’s not to like? I thank Mrs. Faber for her years of service to our community.

  3. Congrats Mr Nopenz, says:

    You have now become exactly what you initially ran to remove. You continue to be led around on a leash and doing the dirty work so many of your new friends were not willing to do themselves. It’s sad to see what you’ve become. Hopefully your new friends will still be there when residents see through you.

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    Mr. Nopenz has proven himself to be an accomplished leader and has led this new board through some very challenging issues, MOST of which already existed when Mr. Nopenz was elected. The latest primary election shows that the residents overwhelmingly APPROVE of the direction our board is headed and DO NOT wish to return to the inept method of operation that preceded Mr. Nopenz and our current board. I think our residents are a little bit sharper than
    Congrats MR. Nopenz gives them credit for.

  5. Thanks Mr Nopenz says:

    Mr Nopenz is doing a great job. Remember he is not doing it alone. He has aleast 80 percent of the Silver Lake residents behind him, a very strong board and his family. They together have made the police, fire and EMS stronger. All of this and save $153,000.00 a year. Vote Francart, Raymond and Whiters in April. They will help him move Silver Lake forward.

  6. $153,000 a year? says:

    Is that what it takes to sell your soul,, $153,000? Please tell me how the police , fire , and EMS are stronger? POLICE: Less police coverage, new officers don’t know residents or problem areas. FIRE: longer wait times= more damage to property and more lives at risk. EMS: having to wait an extra 10 minutes could be the difference between life and death, but hey, it’s ok, we are SAVING $153,000 a year. Gee, that makes as much sense as building an ice rink a couple blocks away from a lake.

  7. $153,000.00 says:

    You are out of touch. There is little to no crime in Silver Lake. You must not know what the Sheriff’ Department can do. Former SLPD Officers were poorly trained and caused more problems because of it. Yes fire and ems coverage comes out of Silver Lake just like before. They do not wait for a highly trained paramedic from Salem. That person is on scene usually before SLRS is. Our departments are stronger and have a guaranteed response. If you are so worried why don’t you volunteer your time. All Silver Lake firefighters will tell you how much better it has gotten. SLRS is unhappy because they are under the command of the fire department and now have to follow orders or they will be fired.

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