Spring Election 2016: Silver Lake trustee primary results

Ballot BoxThe field for the April 5 Silver Lake village trustee election is set after Tuesday’s primary election.

On the ballot in April will be:  Laura Francart, Daniel Withers, Bob Raymond, Kimberly Gerber, Roger W. Johnson and Eldon E. J. Johnston.

Eliminated was Kevin A. Kusters Sr.

Final unofficial results as reported by village Clerk Terry Faber are:

  • Francart 211 (19%).
  • Withers 208 (19%).
  • Raymond 207 (19%).
  • Gerber 136 (12%).
  • Johnson 134 (12%).
  • Johnston 126 (11%).
  • Kusters Sr. 74 (7%).

The candidates who receive the top three highest number of votes April 5 will fill the open seats.

Campaign literature has appeared grouping Francart, Withers and Raymond as one ticket and Gerber, Johnson and Johnston as another.

Withers and Johnson are incumbents.



  1. Greg Galich says:

    The people are speaking load and clear. They see the changes working and making the system better. Keep up the good work.

  2. Grouping says:

    Grouping is never good… To make govt work it takes people from all walks of life!

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    Things continue to move forward in a positive fashion in our village. This board has proven that they can work together under the leadership of Pres. Nopenz
    for the good of the community. No matter which candidates are elected to the board, I would hope that they would “join the team” so to speak and not bring a platform of obstructionism with them that seems to permeate some candidates thinking! I would encourage all eligible voters to get out and vote for the candidate(s) of their choice come April!

  4. Grouping ? says:

    Each of the seven have different ideas and experiences that will give you what you are looking for. However, the common direction is what needs to be the deciding factor. Call it Republican, Democrat or anything else, like minded people pulling toward the same goal is key.

    By ‘grouping’ the names together on the literature they are saving time for the people who don’t want to take the time to investigating each candidate.
    (Yes busy people are allowed to vote too)
    If you know about one or two, you can then see who they are ‘grouping’ themselves with. If you trust that one, then you can hopefully trust their judgement on who they affiliate themselves with. No one is stopping you from picking from each ‘group’.

    In this election, I am looking for the overall philosophy of their mind set, and that is, how it is different from the past.

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