Scott Schumacher honored with street sign

/West Jacobs photo

/West Jacobs photo

242nd Avenue in the Hickory Hollow subdivision in Trevor has been given the honorary name of Schumacher Avenue.

The naming honors Kenosha Fire Department Lt. Scott Schumacher of Trevor, who died Feb. 25, 2015 of cancer due to carcinogen exposure during execution of emergency duties while on incidents with the KFD. Schumacher also was active as an leader of Lakeland Little League.

West Jacobs, a resident of the subdivsion, presented the idea for the honorary naming to the Salem Town Board.

“After the many memorials I thought it would be an honor to have our entrance to Hickory Hollow, honor his name,” Jacobs said. “I brought the idea up to the Salem Town Hall and they thought it a fantastic idea although they had never done such before.”

The new sign was installed on Feb. 3. Schumacher’s wife and children were present.

/West Jacobs photo

/West Jacobs photo



  1. Richard Bosanko says:

    A fitting tribute to our fallen brother….Pride, Dedication, and Courage defined his proud career with the Kenosha Fire Department, and his commitment to the community. His family already knows that, but seeing his name on the street sign daily should be a reminder what a hero he truly was.

  2. Dave Schumacher says:

    Scott was my cousin and I think this is such a great, first-class gesture from the village to remember a man who touched so many and is so greatly missed by all who knew him. Thanks to all who were involved with making this happen!

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