Wilmot UHS water off limits for drinking until testing completed

/Photo by Julie Elliott-Abshire  via freeimages.com

/Photo by Julie Elliott-Abshire via freeimages.com

Wilmot Union High School officials circulated the following message Friday regarding water at the school:

We routinely test our water supply.  Today, an unofficial test was conducted and preliminary analysis indicates there may be E. coli in the water system.  Until we get a licensed lab to test our water system, we are taking the following precautionary measures:

1.  Drinking fountains will be turned off.

2.  Signs will be posted to inform people not to drink the water.

3.  We will have bottled water available for students and staff by Monday.

4.  Faculty and staff will remind students of the situation on Monday.

Officials from the Kenosha County Health Department have already been notified and will be present on Monday morning to conduct water sampling.  The results will take 24 hours.


Daniel S. Kopp

District Administrator


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