Latest forecast for Tuesday calls for sizable snow — but not here

snowflakepaper-mf-sideshowmomThe latest National Weather Service forecast for our area for Tuesday has a likely chance of snow, but just not much.

While some weather watchers for days have been eyeing Ground Hogs Day for a repeat of something along the lines of 2011’s blizzard, the latest from NWS says we will miss sizable accumulation. From the latest Sullivan NWS office statement:

The latest forecast models continue to suggest that the forecast axis of heaviest snow is shifting north, with portions of south central and east central Wisconsin seeing a good chance of moderate to heavy snowfall. This also means that southeast Wisconsin has a good chance for a rain/snow/sleet mix, instead of all snow.”

What is in the forecast for Tuesday here is snow before noon, then rain after 3 p.m. with a high of 36. Chance of precipitation is 90 percent, but only about 1.5 inch of accumulation is expected.

Afte a round of temps in teh 30s and 40s, we may see a dip in temperatures down into the 20s starting Wednesday.


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