Salem supervision of Silver Lake public works on hold

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board tabled having Salem supervise the village’s public works workers.

Earlier this month, with the retirement of longtime Silver Lake DPW supervisor Bob Williams looming, village President Bruce Nopenz had proposed having Salem supervise the remaining one full -time employee and one part-time employee in the Silver Lake public works department.

Salem town administrator Pat Casey said earlier this month that the town could accommodate the role and was open to the idea.

On Wednesday, Nopenz said the village had not yet received a written agreement for the service. Consequently the cost to the village was still unknown.

Trustee Roger Johnson argued the current full-time employee was capable of filling every department role, but he did not wish to supervise. But Johnson contended that supervision from Salem wasn’t necessary, and instead¬†the department would be better served by getting the current employees “some help.”

“I don’t see where we should have to pay Salem to supervise public works,” Johnson said. “That’s what you’ve got a committee chairman for.”

The matter ultimately was tabled.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    OK…Roger doesn’t think Public Works needs a supervisor/department head, claims “that’s what we’ve got a committee chairman for” His words, not mine.
    REALLY ROGER???? So according to your twisted logic, a “committee chair” could supervise the police department, fire department, village office staff, along with the public works department. Remember Roger, the public works employees were SUPPOSED to respond to fire/rescue calls as part of their job requirement. That did not occur because public works did not want to participate.
    Roger….you CONTINUE to be part of the PROBLEM in our village. Take your warped ideas over to the Wilmot School Board!!!

  2. And so it continues ..... says:

    The process to dissolve the Village of Silver Lake continues. If Mr. Nopenz want to be part of Salen so bad, why not move there and leave us alone?

  3. As so it is.. says:

    And so it continues, The process to dissolve is over. If you can’t handle the change the majority voted for, you should move out.

  4. Sl Goverment says:

    Roger Johnson you are not very smart. Your idea of management is far from what it really is. You were taken off all your committee work because you could not complete you tasks. We are to small to be operating the way we do. We need to merge our sewer and DPW with a larger department with more resources. Look out Wilmot High. I hope the other folks win.

  5. Sl Goverment says:

    Roger Johnson just look at all the good you have done. Fire Department shut down because you did not buy tires, failed library building, failed police department and do not forget you were released from all your committee duties because you could not complete them. Now you want another trustee to do the job you could not. I hope you are voted off the board.

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