Paddock Lake employees receive fire, animal and shooter training

Village Clerk Emily Uhlenhake puts out a fire. /Submitted photo

Village Clerk Emily Uhlenhake puts out a fire. /Submitted photo

Paddock Lake village employees last month underwent training on how to deal with aggressive animals, extinguishing small fires and how to deal with an active shooter.

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and Town of Salem Fire/Rescue conducted the training,.

Village Clerk Emily Uhlenhake said the training was useful in a number of ways, including reinforcing already known techniques, introducing new ones and getting everyone thinking about improvements in several areas.

For example, Uhlenhake said she was somewhat surprised to learn that some of the techniques recommended for how to deal with aggressive dogs were like you might use with your own familiar pet.

Also, the training was very useful for thinking about how to handle situations — such as an active shooter — that staff had not really considered before. Uhlenhake said.

Tim Popanda, village administrator, said he wanted residents to know that staff is well trained to handle all types of situations.


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    Emily, looks like she has done this before.

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