New Silver Lake ice skating rink open for use

/Photo by Gabor Palla via

/Photo by Gabor Palla via

The new ice skating rink at Schmalfeldt Park in Silver Lake is now ready for use, reports Allen Dunski, one of the volunteers who spearheaded the construction of the rink.

Rink hours for now will be dawn to dusk, Dunski said.

Some of the ice surface was damaged by a person or persons walking on it before the ice was fully hardened. However, Dunski and others will be working to repair the damage Monday evening.

The materials for the rink were supplied by the village government, with a volunteers effort taking place Dec. 30 and 31 to clear the site, construct the rink and fill it with water.



  1. Greg Galich says:

    Great job. The new village board is making history in Silver Lake and it is all good. Thanks to all for helping. I cant wait to see the improvements in the future. What a great place to live.

  2. Really? says:

    Spending $3,000 on an ice rink when we have a huge lake people can skate at for free, is a good thing? Wasn’t it GG and others crying the loudest when they spent a couple hundred dollars fixing up the village hall?

  3. Hours? says:

    Why would the hours only be dawn to dusk? Not many people able to use the rink during these hours. Kind of a big waste of dollars don’t you think?

  4. Greg Galich says:

    To Really and Hours ( AKA Clueless ). You need to take courses in management and risk management. You may start to understand then. Strike three you are out. I have a cry towel for you.

  5. As so it is.. says:

    The negative responses of these people is really why we need to rid ourselves of them in our government once and for all…

  6. Sam posey says:

    The money for a skating should have gone for fireworks and a 4th of July party like the village used to have unless the Chicago Blackhawks are practicing here who cares skate on the lake!!!

  7. I understand many things Greg says:

    I understand you spend most of your time gossiping like an old woman ,instead of doing something to make Silver Lake a better place.

  8. Greg Galich says:

    To January 28. Yes I do understand cowboy. Your upset because this is not your rodeo anymore. You have been thrown off your horse. I know who you are under that mask. You can not compete anymore. Tough being you.

  9. Poor word choice Greg says:

    When an elected board misspends $3,800 on an ice rink when they have an entire lake they can skate on for free, the correct word is not HISTORY. Perhaps a better word to describe this foolish spending may be; petty, small minded, selfish, inappropriate?

  10. Greg Galich says:

    It is easy to see you have no clue. The way business is done now compared to a few years ago is much different. The lake was great years ago. Silver Lake does not own the lake. Salem does. Insurance does not cover anyone on the lake. It does cover the ice rink. If you clear a spot on the lake you are responsible for it. You need to go back to school and learn. Your worried about $3,800.00 when the last board bought a white elephant library for $200,000.00 and it was only worth $125,000.00. You do not count. You make no sense at all. I am not wasting my time with your irresponsible words.

  11. Silver Lake is full of closed minds... says:

    Stop your complaining. Times are changing. Open your minds if you can to the wonderful changes of Salem and Silver Lake. If you can’t except the change, put your house up for sale and get out of here.

  12. confused says:

    You said, “the lake was great years ago”,,,, um, did something happen that the lake no longer freezes or can be skated upon? I’m glad you brought up the insurance of your new rink/swimming pool. I bet the 10 people who use the rink will sleep better at night knowing the rest of us hard working taxpayers are paying for them to skate. Making sense now Greggy?

  13. Greg Galich says:

    Yes you are confused. You had the same problems when you were on this board. Do not be confused about the present board. They are fixing all your mistakes. Stay tuned. Look how well our police department is operating and also look how much better our Fire and EMS is operating. Yes I know you are confused about how this was done and we saved money. Watch and learn.

  14. Sorry says:

    Sorry Greggy, I have never been on the board. It’s curt how you mention how well Police and Fire are working. First, I put out more fires a year than SLFD does. And how can you say the police are working well? Because they are writing more tickets to residents ? So ticketing taxpayers is the answer???? The police , like the Volunteer fire group spends more time sitting and talking than they do working. It’s sad that you and others who have spent your lives living off the taxpayers never seem to get enough.

  15. Greg Galich says:

    Well Sorry its sounds like you don’t live here cowboy. A for real firefighter doesn’t go around saying they put out more fires than some other communities. That tells me that you do a very bad job at community education and your inspection program is weak. You need some schooling bucko. Come by us. I can help you improve your skills.

  16. Allen says:

    Ok….1st of all, there is a huge difference between skating on a lake and skating on a maintained ice rink. The village can’t control when people skate on the lake. If someone falls into the lake, under the ice, their chances of survival are not very good. Their chances of survival with ice skates on, unable to get any propulsion from kicking makes those odds that much more slim. This year, in Wisconsin alone, there have been over 16 reported drownings from people falling through the ice. Would you want that to happen to your children, your family, your friends? If we have the chance to lower the risk by creating an inland ice rink, then we should do just that. Btw, there have been hundreds of ice skaters that have used the ice rink so far, not 10. If you don’t believe me, head down to the park any given weekend and see for yourself. Politics should have NO play in this ice rink at all! Fact is, it makes me sick that anybody would even try to drag politics into such a great thing for the residents of Silver Lake and surrounding communities. This isn’t about who did what or who didn’t do anything. It is about FINALLY having something fun and safe to do in this village. Don’t spoil the good with the negative talk. Stop the comments of “sell your house and move”, stop the comments of who is a bigger, better person. We are all residents here and SHOULD be working together to make this village great for ALL residents!

    As far as the fireworks comment… Fireworks = 20 minutes of fun and excitement watching hundred dollar bills get blown up in mid air. Seems to be a much more waste of money than an ice rink that hundreds and hundreds of people can use all winter long.

  17. Grow Up People says:

    It is pathetic to see this going on with grown adults. First of all, an ice rink is a fantastic idea, no need to worry about ice fishing holes, soft spots in the ice or risk of drowning. Especially for young children who want to partake. Secondly, can you people grow the hell up? “Greggy” is that what you called a grown man? Seriously, are you 5 years old?

    The money that went into the zamboni was all donated, so not a waste of money for people that thought it was important enough to donate. Now, if you don’t like the idea of an ice rink, thats all well and good… but there are lots of kids and their parents that are very excited about it, and have used it so far.

    Part of the problem that has been going on in Silver Lake for years is small talk chatter and people who had no problem hiding their names while they talk crap in the bars and now on comment sections of the news blogs. Maybe it is time for those people to just sit back down, take a nap, and just be a damn adult.

    If you can’t do that, go get your meds checked.

  18. Fantastic idea for whom? says:

    The ice rink is a fantastic idea for the dozen or so people I’ve seen there. Yet you want me to pay for it? If you want somewhere to skate so bad and the lake just isn’t good enough, why have the taxpayers pay the bill ? Why not fundraise and have the rink and insurance paid for by those who use it? I wonder if you and Greggy have problems with your elbows? The fact you both have your arms out looking for free handouts and all can’t be good for your elbow.

  19. Allen says:

    Sorry that you like Silver Lake to be known for nothing. I won’t get into personal attacks like you, rather childish. How bout I just give you the $3.00 that you will see on your taxes so you can stop already. Sorry that you are part of the 5% that doesn’t like the ice rink. BTW….the WHOLE board voted yes to this project. My elbows are just fine and I personally am not looking for any handouts. It is sad that all you can do is bash anything good that might happen in this village. Keep sitting behind your computer, hiding your true identity, while the rest of us actually progress and try to make this village good again. Suppose I won’t see you during the upcoming spring clean-up, will I? Now that I have said my peace, I am dropping the mic and refuse to reply to nonsense. Have a good day sir or mam…..or whoever you are behind that computer

  20. Allen says:

    P.S……send me your address so I can drop off your $3.00. Ah heck, I’ll make it $10.00 so you can get out from behind the computer and go get yourself lunch too. I’m nice like that 😉

  21. $ 3,800 says:

    Take away the $ 3,800 and you have no comments or complaints. The people who raised the Zamboni money should keep going and raise another $ 3,800 and pay back the Village.
    But then they will just complain about the insurance cost. Or even the storage in the summer. Can’t win.
    Can you drive a Zamboni in a summer parade ?

  22. Allen says:

    Yes, the zamboni will most certainly be in the parades, proudly displaying all the donor names that made it possible!

  23. To all you complaining still. You need to stop,and except the change. The majority voted for and supports this board. This next election will tell for sure! Vote for Francart, Raymond, Kusters, and or Withers. A much more better government is on the way. Stand aside please, the train is moving fast!*** VOTE FOR FRANCART, RAYMOND, KUSTERS, WITHERS ON NEXT TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16.

  24. Why Hate on Bettering a Community says:

    Why is there all this hate? Glad to know the $3 that your taxes went up is what everyone is complaining about when an ice rink which has put Silver Lake back on the map and actually being talked about all the good. How can you complain? Wouldn’t you want a better community for your kids? You pay the extra money for a better college and education why not better your community. And as for the library, that wasn’t really used and especially now a days with the internet they are almost irrelevant. The fireworks only lasted 20 minutes and it wasn’t very big or something that got this much publicity drawn on how the community is becoming better. Just think it could be worst. This ice rink is probably one of the best things for this community as a whole. If money really is that important to you then along with Allen, I will give you the money back, but this is for the kids, this is the first time in a long time I have actually seen kids wanting to go out instead of playing video games or lying around. Physical activity is good for the kids, so just stop with the hate. It got voted in 100% end of story. And I know first hand that Allen is not a person who is selfish or wants to take away and plots to make people pay more money in taxes, he’s wanting a better community and got a bunch of people to DONATE their own money to buy this Zamboni. So if you can not see how this ice rink is not only a big boost and allowing Silver Lake to be known for bettering the community, and safer then ice skating on a lake where at any moment you could possibly fall in then it’s proven that silver lake is really just full of closed minds.

  25. Derek Brendel says:

    I am not a resident of Silver Lake, however I live close by and have may friends that live there.

    I think that it is PATHETIC that you put something other that your real name on your posts. If you want to stand up for something you believe is wrong, then put your name on it.

    Because you wont put your name on something you write, I can only assume your level of intelligence is very low. Bashing Greg Galich for safety is idiotic. A life long firefighter who has been there when dead bodies have been pulled from Silver Lake. For someone who has experienced this personally, his opinion should be taken very seriously, even if you do not like him as a person.

    Are you angry because of the ice rink? The 3 dollars? Or are you angry at the individuals? From what I hear from friends in the area that are not part of the political nightmare known as Silver Lake, it has mostly been positive.

  26. Short term memories says:

    Excuse me Allen, Bruce, Greg, etc, weren’t you the same people upset when someone spent less than $1,000 on fixing up the town hall? Funny how you all pick and choose your sides based on how it benefits you or your friends.

  27. Allen says:

    You have the wrong person. I personally think the board room remodel looks good, however, the lies about where the $ came from is another story all in itself! Funny how its ok if the chief of police lies about it and it is not voted on by the board, but not ok if voted on by all board members. We get it, you dont like the ice rink. I told you I personally would give you $. FYI….attend a board meeting once, the remodel was well over $1000!

  28. Patrick Dunn says:

    The remodel of the Village Hall Board room was in excess of $3,500. The money was spent without Board approval. The money was taken out of accounts like the Water Patrol without a vote and they tried to hide it. Fortunately the deception was discovered during the audit. As Allen stated the money for the rink was voted on in an open meeting and approved by the whole Board.

  29. James Creighten says:

    I would like to thank the Silver Lake board and volunteers for making this
    outdoor recreation come together for our community. Positive changes in our
    village are truly a way into the future.

  30. Zamboni? says:

    How is that Zamboni working for you? Ha-ha-ha, to big for the rink eh? Ha-ha-ha, seemed like a great idea at the time huh? Ha-ha-ha-ha–ha,,,,the blind leading the blind. Keep those great ideas coming!!!!!

  31. The Machine says:

    Not to big for the rink and will work well for the full sized hockey rink next year. It will be able to smooth the rink between pee wee hockey games. We will have 2 rinks.

  32. Interesting says:

    I’ve never seen more than 2 people on the rink/swimming pool at any time. Seems like a great use of taxpayer dollars to build another one. Typical “Good Old Boys” politics at it’s best.

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