Twin Lakes residents to receive bill for address signs with January sewer bill

The sign chosen by the village is the size of the red one in this photo. / file photo

The sign chosen by the village is the size of the red one in this photo. / file photo

Twin Lakes residents will get a bill for their uniform address sign along with their January 2016 sewer bill.

Here’s a media release from the village that has more details:

Twin Lakes property owners will receive a separate invoice enclosed with their sewer bill in January 2016. The invoice of $31.00 will cover the purchase and installation of a Uniform Address sign and galvanized steel post. Payment will be due on February 8, 2016 with the sewer bill payment. Failure to pay will cause the amount and applicable penalties to be charged as a special assessment on the 2016/17 tax bill. Following two months of review and consideration, the Village Board approved an ordinance earlier this month to require Uniform Address signs on each improved lot within the Village. The full ordinance can be found on the Village Website in Chapter 16.60.065 of the Village Code. Owners of improved lots will be charged the cost of one Uniform Address sign. The ordinance specifies the location requirements of the Uniform Address sign. The Village will cover replacement signs due to errors found during installation or damage if caused by Village vehicles (i.e. plows). The Village will handle the purchasing and installation of the Uniform Address signs. Expected installation by Lange Signs will occur in Spring or Summer 2016. The signs will be 16” x 8” and will be blue in color. The signs will provide the house number, street name, and municipality. A sample, although not the final size, has been installed in front of Village Hall (108 E Main Street) to give residents an idea on what will be installed throughout the Village.”


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