Randall and Bloomfield hold hearing on water use ordinance

Randall and Bloomfield held a joint public hearing Thursday on the latest draft of an ordinance governing lakes in the two municipalities.

The two municipalities are looking to pass nearly identical water use ordinances (sometimes referred to as Chapter 20). They share jurisdiction on Powers Lake, Lake Benedict and Lake Tombeau.

The ordinance governs a variety of topics including boating, swimming, water skiing, pollution, buoys, piers and more.

The attorneys for the towns have been working on updating the ordinance since early in the year. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, who has ultimate authority in lake regulation, has already reviewed and approved the current draft and now it was time to gather public opinion, said John Bjelajac, Randall’s town attorney, at the hearing.

One provision not in the current draft is a pierhead limit of 100 feet from the ordinary high water mark. Randall Chairman Bob Stoll is suggesting that be added to the final draft, Bjelajac said.

The Benedict/Tombeau Lake District also has submitted some language on slow-no wake, swimming and direction of travel on Lake Benedict.

Thursday’s hearing was attended by about 25 people, but few had any comment.

The next step will be to add any changes from the last draft and submit it again to the DNR if they need to review. Then the municipalities will separately consider the same ordinance. If the process goes smoothly, the revised ordinance could be in effect by the next boating season, Bjelajac said.

Here is a copy of the draft distributed at the hearing.


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