Brighton to consider 26% tax levy hike Monday

A 26 percent increase in the property tax levy for 2015 (collected in 2016) will be considered by Brighton electors and the Town Board Monday evening.

At a Oct. 23, 2015 special town board meeting the board approved having a budget hearing/town electors meeting on Monday, Nov. 9 starting at 7 p.m. at Brighton School. A resolution regarding the levy increases explains that state mandated levy standards would limit Brighton to a 1.394 percentage levy increase ($3,419) for 2015 over 2014,. However, the town board is seeking elector approval for a 26 percent increase ($63,848).

If approved as proposed, the 2015 mill (tax) rate for the town portion of property taxes would be $1.95/thousand of assessed value. The mill rate in 2014 was $1.57/thousand of assessed value.

The budget summary posted at the town website shows the largest increase in expenditures for 2016 over 2015 to be in public works (+$42,461). The 2015 public works budget was $4,000. The proposed 2016 budget figure for public works is $46,561.

On the revenue side, besides the proposed levy increase, the biggest change in revenues is an anticipated decrease in other revenues from $55,289 in 2015 to $27,339 in 2016, a decrease of $27,950.

A summary of the proposed 2016 budget can be viewed here.


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