Longtime Randall Clerk Phyllis Kaskin lauded at her last Town Board meeting

Phyllis Kaskin

Phyllis Kaskin

Randall town Clerk Phyllis Kaskin was praised for her many years of service to the town at her last Town Board meeting Thursday night.

Kaskin has been town clerk since 1967. She succeeded her husband, Bill Kaskin, who had died in office.

“Anyone that has anything to do with the town knows Phyllis,” said town Chairman Bob Stoll. “Phyllis has been the face of the town of Randall for 48 years.”

Kaskin is no figurehead after all of these years. Stoll said she is still the go to person in the town office.

“We can’t do enough to express our gratitude for what you have done,” Stoll said. “Everything that goes on here, we’re so dependent on her to answer every question and know exactly where everything is. I have asked for obscure things, and I think that will take a while, and Phyllis disappears in the back room and comes out and there it is.”

Randall Fire Department Chief Matt Gronke thanked Kaskin for her help to him and the fire department throughout his 16 years as chief, especially in his early days as chief.

“Over the last 16, 17 years, Phyllis became more than our town clerk, she became a great friend of the Randall Fire Department,” Gronke said. “There was no problem she could not solve and no favor she would not do.”

Gronke even had a perhaps facetious suggestion for how Kaskin can fill up the extra time she will have in retirement.

“Now, seeing you’re going to have a lot of free time, the fire department has a lot of chores,” Gronke said.

Former town chairman and current Supervisor Lauren Fox also had words of praise for Kaskin as a public servant.

“When I was elected chairman in 1993, I didn’t have  clue what I was supposed to do,” Fox said. “She coached me on how to conduct town business. She coached me on who to look out for and who not to talk to too much. She has been a tremendous help to me in my over 25 years on the Town Board. Forty eight years of experience is very had to replace, and I don’t know if you ever can replace it. But I’m just so grateful I always had Phyllis to count on and depend on whenever I needed.”

Kaskin was presented with a bag of gifts from the Town Board and flowers from the fire department. Cake was served at the end of the meeting.

Here’s video of the comments and gift presentations:


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