Silver Lake to put library building on the market

This Google Streetview photo shows the building on Second Street in Silver Lake.

This Google Streetview photo shows the building on Second Street in Silver Lake.

The Silver Lake Village Board on Wednesday voted to put a former day care building on Second Street that it purchased to use as a library branch on the market.

The purchase of the building at 209 N. Second Street was approved by the Village Board in 2013. The village took out the loan to purchase the building to use as a branch for the Community Library, a joint library between Silver Lake, Salem, Paddock Lake, Randall and Twin Lakes. Originally, the village expected the other Community Library municipalities to contribute $50,000 each toward the project; $250,000 was borrowed to cover the $200,000 building purchase and $50,000 in renovations. But only Salem agreed to contribute that money.

The library cannot own real estate, but could pay a lease, However, library officials have rejected lease offers for the Second Street location by the village as too expensive, village President Bruce Nopenz said at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting. Village officials were looking to recover at least their monthly mortgage cost for the building through the lease.

So the Village Board decided Wednesday to put the building on the market..

Three real estate agents will be asked for a proposal regarding commission rate with the listing going to the best, lowest offer.



  1. Sl Goverment says:

    Still cleaning up the mess from the last village board.

  2. Hockd un fonix says:

    We don’t need a quality library in silver lake We can just listen to jeff and follow like sheep

  3. Alternative use for building? says:

    Maybe GG and the rest if the volunteer “fire fighters” can use the library building as their new headquarters so they can have sleep overs?

  4. pete says:

    Since the little storefront library is not used enough to stay open, this big building was a failure before it started.

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