Fire Safety Day 2015 at Bristol School

/Submitted photo

/Submitted photo

Fire Safety Day took place at Bristol School on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The fifth grade students attended a presentation and participated in activities related to fire safety, both of which were put together by members of Bristol Fire and Rescue. The fire department presented the students with a video clip showing just how quickly a room can be destroyed by a fire. In this case, a Christmas tree which ignited from a spark that eventually spread, causing major damage to the living room of a house.

The students also viewed a presentation consisting of a variety of safety hazards and tips in what to do with these dangerous situations.

To conclude the presentation, an obstacle course was created as a mock bedroom.  Students pretended that fire was present in the room.  Participants were blindfolded with a thick towel to represent limited sight in a smoke-filled room.  Each participating student had to stay as low as possible while exiting the mock bedroom. Students learned that the lower they stay to the ground in this type of event, the lower the temperature would be, allowing them to breathe easier and to exit the room quicker.

Finally, the members of the fire department emphasized to the students the importance of families having fire safety plans in case of a fire at home.  At the end of the day, teachers passed out fire safety plastic cups for each student, which also contained a fire safety pamphlet.




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