Bond set for Obregon and other updates

Here are a few more updates about the case of Andrew Obregon, a suspect in the homicide of a Kenosha man, who was captured in Lake County, Illinois Tuesday:

  • Bond for Obregon was set at $250,000 in Lake County Circuit Court Thursday.
  • Obregon is scheduled for an extradition hearing on Nov. 3.
  • Several media outlets are reporting the stolen car Obregon was driving Tuesday was slowed by law enforcement via OnStar, prompting him to make a run for it on foot. He was ultimately captured by police near Lewis Avenue south of the state line.

The following points are from the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department:

  • The 59-year old female battery victim has been released from the hospital and is recovering from her injuries.  Her identity is not being released at this time.
  • The motorcycle associated with this case has been determined to have been reported stolen out of the City of Kenosha.
  • The red Ford Pick-up truck (crudely painted black) believed to have been operated by Andrew Obregon has been recovered in Racine County.   This vehicle was determined to have been reported stolen in Antioch, IL.

Obregon, 32, of Brighton, eluded capture for 11 days, leading police on four different high-speed chases, He is a suspect in the homicide of Tywon Anderson, 37, of Kenosha, who was found dead in Paris on Sept, 26.



  1. Ughhh says:

    I would have set that bond at $100 million! No need to give him a chance to bond out. I believe (and correct me if I’m wrong) that you only need to post 10% to get out. They better hope they’re making the right move here.

  2. Jamilee says:

    Does the lady who got beaten and car jacked get the reward money? I hope so!

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