Deputies search for suspect overnight in Brighton fields

kcsd-doorKenosha County sheriff’s deputies were again searching actively and intently for a suspect in Brighton area farm fields last night.

Presumably, they were looking for Andrew Obregon, 32, of Brighton, who Sheriff David Beth said Tuesday is a suspect in the homicide of Tywon Anderson, 37, of Kenosha. Anderson was found dead in a Paris field on Sept. 26.

According to radio transmissions, the search last night started after dark and had deputies setting up a perimeter in Brighton. The AirOne police helicopter also was in the area.

Deputies have conducted at least two other extensive searches for Obregon, both ultimately unsuccessful. Obregon has been eluding police with a combination of hiding in farm fields high with unharvested corn and a disregard for his or anyone else’s safety, Beth said at a press conference Tuesday.

We will pass on any official word we get from KCSD on this activity.




  1. Ughhh says:

    Not to put the police force down here, but this guy was barricaded in a corn field, and even the helicopter couldn’t find him with all this thermal imaging technology? Who do we have operating this? It’s becoming a joke. One bullet! This guy needs to be taken out! I hope he runs through the right persons field/yard. Most of these farmers are pretty good with their weapons!

  2. Mike Cavalenes says:

    Get someone on the police force that knows these roads to direct their activities. I bet by the time the helicopter arrived he was long gone.

  3. Linda Valentine says:

    Isn’t it interesting that all the wanna be policemen come out from behind the television and pretend to know what police science is all about… I am astounded by the comments by a one time elected official giving us a play by play of HIS actions when there was no certainty that the fugitive was at all in his yard or field …. RME… Let those who have made this their profession do the job and dont hinder. If you wish to be a cop, go to school, follow the rules and contribute or
    just be quiet… Thanks Dave, Thanks Team!

  4. Mike Cavalenes says:

    Linda, there was no hindrance and there was a very high certainty of who this individual was. It was also confirmed the next day before I posted. I gave a tip to the officers just like any other citizen and the tip was correct.

    Just because someone was elected to office and it is not their profession does not mean they give up their right to observe or comment. I have followed the rules and have contributed and I will not be quiet. People comment about football all the time and they are not football players.

  5. Astounded says:

    Linda, if you’re so astounded by these comments you should see what flies on the silver lake comments board. If a citizen feels that a govt employee paid by his/her tax dollars is not performing up to expectations he/she has every right to voice his/her opinion. In this case I think mike is making some good points. but you right we should all just ‘be quiet’ and act like sheep…. Move along people nothing to see here!

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