WisDOT trying out new safety device on Highway 50 in Wheatland

highway-50-and-w-entering-traffic-signsHave you been wondering what’s the deal with those new large yellow signs on eastbound Highway 50 just before the Highway W-west intersection?

Turns out the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is trying out the new devices  as a way reduce crashes there.

From a press release from WisDOT:

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) recently installed new warning signs with yellow flashing beacons which will be activated within the next two weeks. The device is to reduce crashes at a rural intersection in Kenosha County. The western intersection of WIS 50 and County – in the town of Wheatland, Kenosha County – has a history of severe crashes with northbound motorists on County W not yielding the right-of-way to eastbound motorists on WIS 50. At this T-intersection, there will be two yellow warning signs for eastbound motorists on WIS 50. The message on the signs is, “Watch for Entering Traffic” and should alert drivers on WIS 50 that there is traffic present on County W. Each sign will have two yellow beacons that will flash when traffic on County W is approaching or stopped at the intersection. Flashing signs like these with slightly different configurations and messages are being used throughout the country in an effort to reduce the number of high speed T-bone crashes. These crashes often result in severe injuries and fatalities at locations like these with a free-flow mainline, and a side road controlled by stop signs. These flashing signs, or intersection conflict warning systems, are relatively low cost options that have the potential to prevent injuries and save lives. WisDOT will continue to monitor the crashes at this intersection and at another proposed location in northern Wisconsin as we work toward our goal of Zero Traffic Deaths in Wisconsin.



  1. Jeanette Amann says:

    It seems like alot of people don’t pay attention to signs. They drive however they want to. If the speed limit is 55 and your doing 65 they still ride your tail. What’s the hurray anyway?

  2. Just a Thought. says:

    OMG. An actual alternative to roundabouts!

  3. Doug says:

    Maybe they should just make it a round a bout, they reduce traffic accidents don’t they?

  4. Patricia Kuzniar says:

    Traffic problems are not fixed yet. Trying to make a right turn coming off of Hwy 50 with no substantial turn lane on 376th ave and 381st ave is dangerous! Especially when a semi is barreling down on you!! Both roads have school busses turning onto them and there is not even room for a car to get out of traffic so they can make a safe turn. I am frankly very tired of putting my turn signal on right after I pass 376th ave and start pressing my breaks several times until I see the vehicle behind me start to go into the other lane, but many times with the heavy traffic now on hwy 50 there is another car or truck right behind and getting very close. During the winter you have to turn into our road right from the the right lane because the little turn lane (if you can call it that), isn’t wide or long enough. Please someone fix this before there is a very bad accident!

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