2015 Kenosha County Fair Junior Fair Poultry Show results

poultry-results-chickenThe 2015 Kenosha County Fair Junior Fair poultry show was held Friday at the fairgrounds in Wilmot.

Here are the results of the judging:

Champion of show — Shown by Katie Walkington.

Reserve champion of show — Shown by Mackenzie Bevry.


Best overall — Shown by Ashley Panek.

Bronze — Shown by Ashley Panek.

Broad White — Shown by Madison Fenske.

Any other — Shown by Katie Walkington.


Pekin — Shown by Connor Murray.

Muscovy — Shown by Michelle Knapp.

Mallard — Shown by Dawson Hansen.

Rouen — Shown by Katie Walkington.

Any other — Shown by Jacob Meredith.


Best overall — Shown by Brandon Hansen.

Aftican — Shown by Brandon Hansen.

Any other breed — Shown by Brandon Hansen.


Best standard — Shown by Katie Walkington.

Best American — Shown by Lauren Christensen.

White Plymouth Rock — Shown by Lauren Christensen.

Any color Plymouth rock — Shown by Sydnie Kruk.

Rhode Island Reds — Shown by Michelle Knapp.

Wyandottes — Shown by Payton Gardner.

New Hampshires — Shown by Kyle Diedrich.

Any other American — Shown by Blake Lardinois.

Best Mediterranean — Shown by Katie Walkington.

Single Comb White Leghorns — Shown by Katie Walkington.

All Brown Leghorns — Shown by Liz Fonk.

Minorcas — Shown by Shannon Diedrich.

Best crossbreds — Shown by Lukas Rossi.

Meat type — Shown by Lukas Rossi.

Best Asiatic — Shown by Katelyn Hannah.

Brahmas — Shown by Sydney Nys.

Any other Asiatic — Shown by Katelyn Hannah.

Best English — Shown by Katie Walkington.

Orpington — Shown by Payton Gardner.

Australorps — Shown by Katie Walkington.

Best Contintental — Shown by Liz Fonk.

Polish — Shown by Anthony Maxon.

French — Shown by Parker Krumm.

Norther European — Shown by Liz Fonk.

Best any standard — Shown by Matt Knapp.

Best market chickens — Shown by Evan Meredith.

Roasters — Shown by Evan Meredith.

Broilers — Shown by Nicole Jackson.

Best bantam overall — Shown by Mackenzie Bevry.

Cochin — Shown by Lauren Christensen.

Feather legged bantam — Shown by Katelyn Hannah.

Plymouth rock — Shown by Matt Knapp.

Single comb, clean legged — Shown by Mackenzie Bevry.

Wyandotte — Shown by Lauren Christensen.

Rose comb, clean legged — Shown by Michelle Knapp.

Game — Shown by Matt Knapp.


Junior — Shown by Katie Walkington.

Intermediate — Shown by Hailie Kane.

Senior — Shown by Abby Diedrich.

Pigeon — Shown by Gary Welter.

Guinea Fowl — Paige Nys.



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