One Paddock Lake beach to reopen, one to remain closed

One Paddock Lake beach that was closed Wednesday for a high E. coli test result will reopen for swimming Thursday.

The beach at Old Settlers County Park in Paddock Lake will reopen after a follow-up test showed a result of 130 E. coli/mL. A result of 300 E. coli/mL triggers a swimming advisory while a result of 1,000 E. coli or greater triggers a beach closure.

The other Paddock Lake beach closed Wednesday, the Paddock Hooker Lake Association private beach, will remain closed after a followup test result of over 2,400 E. coli/mL.

The high test results are likely the result of wind and large numbers of geese and seagulls, said Tim Popanda, village administrator.

Testing will be done each week day until a safe level is reached.

Two other beaches on Paddock Lake remain open.


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