2015 Kenosha County Junior Fair Merit Award Winners

merit-award-ribbonHere is a list of the 2015 Kenosha County Junior Fair Merit Award Winners:

Archery — Monica Dale, Most consistent; Zach Zender,  Most improved; Austin Dawson, Somers Chargers, Above average.

Fashion Explosion — Samantha Pofahl, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Pajama pants; Maddie Hershelman, Wheatland Willing Workers Gymnastics Leotard; Rebecca Zurek, Bristol Challenge,  Warm-up pants; Jaden Ouwerkerk, Salem Pioneers, Ponch.

Fashion Revue-State Fair — Tiffany Ouwerkerk, Salem Pioneers, Formal; Maggie Hillock, Salem Pioneers, Skirt & blouse.

Sewing — Carly Lois, Wheatland Willing Workers, Dress; Jalyn Warren,  Wheatland Willing Workers, Tote Bag; MacKenzie Bevry, Paris Happy Workers, Dress.

Quilting — Julisa Sand, Salem Pioneers, Quilt.

Mabel Kessler Award (sewing) — Maggie Hillock, Salem Pioneers.

Vegetables/House Plants — Travis Harpster,Wheatland Willing Workers, Decorative pumpkin; Mason Welter, Bristol Strivers, Garlic; Mason Welter, Bristol Strivers, Tomatoes, red; Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, Succulent.

Cake Decorating — Katelyn Halladay, Brighton Bombers/Explorers, mouse & cheese tiered cake; Abby Diedrich, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Wedding cake; Damon Krampitz, Somers Chargers, Brewers cupcakes; Trinity Koltanowski, Salem Pioneers, Special Occasion cake.

Foods — Madison Fenske, Wheatland Willing Workers, stuffed bread; Ben Lasch, Salem Pioneers, Crepes; Grace Lasch, Salem Pioneers Recipe Book; Shannon Diedrich, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Smores pie; Grace Suiter, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Mac & Cheese; Mikelle Miles, Wheatland Willing Workers, Cinnabon; Aiden Squier, Salem Pioneers, Lime Avacado muffins; Evan Rosenick, Salem Pioneers, Bow ties & sausage; Brianna Garrett, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Peanut Butter cups; Elinor Decker, Wheatland Willing Workers, Dilly beans; Jacob Larsen, Trail Blazers, Chicken & dumpling soup.

Child Development — Samantha Karls, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, plan for child’s party.

Home Environment — Ashley Dabbs, Wheatland Willing Workers Creative wall hanging; Alexander Dawson, Somers Chargers, Illustrated color scheme for a room.

Arts & Crafts — Alexa Eaves, Kenosha Klovers, Painting; Katlyn Boss, Paris Happy Workers, Any combination of media; Veronica Luhman, Bristol Challenge, Drawing; Jalyn Warren, Wheatland Willing Workers, Any other media; Veronica Luhman, Bristol Challenge, Jewelry; Alexa Eaves, Kenosha Klovers, Drawing, pastel; Madison Fenske, Wheatland Willing Workers, Clay pot creation; Katie Carlson, Somers Chargers, Scrapbook on work in music; Claire Suiter, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Scrapbook, 10 or more pages; Danielle Garrett, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Scrapbook, 30 pages or more.

State Youth Conference Art Exhibit — Katlyn Boss, Paris Happy Workers, Any other media; Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, Any other media.

Photography — Nathan Stalter, Trail Blazers, Beginner/enlargement; Corrinn Favro, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Intermediate/Digital enlargement; Veronica Luhman, Bristol Challenge, Intermediate/enlargement; Joseph Harris III, Bristol Strivers Beginner/2 photos; Elena Schleusner, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Intermediate/enlargement; Samantha Karls, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Advanced/enlargement; Paxton Hodgson, Salem Pioneers Advanced/2 photos; Katlyn Boss,  Paris Happy Workers, Advanced/Digital enhanced photo.

State Photo Exhibit — Brooke Giannotti, Bristol Strivers Beginner/enlargement; Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, Intermediate/My favorite photo; Matthew Dahl, Somers Chargers Advanced/enlargement.

Misc. — Alexa Eaves, Kenosha Klovers, Video DVD; Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Club, scrapbook; Alexander Dawson, Somers Chargers,  Poster/animal science; Damen Krampitz, Somers Chargers, Lego Helicopter.

Woodworking — Dylan Hartnek, Paris Happy Workers, Rabbit grooming table; Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, Pen.

Small Engines –– Hannah Alexander, Small engines display.

Dog — Grace Hipper, Bristol Challenge, Obedience; Paige Nyes, Brighton Bombers Explorers, Obedience; Grace Hipper, Bristol Challenge, Rally; Jax Hodgson, Salem Pioneers, Rally; Paige Patton, Salem Pioneers, Rally; Jenna Zemelis, Showmanship; Makayla Zydek,  Salem Pioneers, Showmanship; Natalie Matosha, Agility; Makayla Zydek, Salem Pioneers, Agility.


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