Western Kenosha County Historical Society “thrilled” with new Bristol Wisconsin Historical Society

The Western Kenosha County Historical Society has issued a statement supporting the creation of the Bristol Wisconsin Historical Society.

Formation of the Bristol Wisconsin Historical Society was announced last week. The group will be working on the relocation and renovation of the old Bristol Town Hall so that it can be used as a historical exhibit. The building, owned by Kenosha County and currently on the grounds of a county park, is used by the county for storage.

The statement from Karen Labbe, president, Western Kenosha County Historical Society, says:

We, at the Western Kenosha County Historical Society, are thrilled to hear that Bristol will have their own Historical Society. This society and old Village Hall relocation effort will be great additions to the Village of Bristol residents – present, past and future – and the building will certainly give a nice stage for artifacts and programs pertaining to Bristol. The WKCHS has always supported advancing local history and encouraged John McCabe long ago to create a local society. We are happy to hear that effort is in motion. We will, as before, always give support where possible with being helpers and promoters but cannot support financially or lead the way with technical expertise. We know that a great deal of effort will be required and we will help where we can. Congratulations on the new society. We hope that many people will attend the July 22nd inaugural meeting at the Village of Bristol Hall and the attendees will create a huge charter membership.”

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