Silver Lake to defer fireworks, save money for next year

Photo by aconant via

Photo by aconant via

A fireworks display in Silver Lake is off for 2015.

Last month, Trustee Roger Johnson said he was working to have a display in the village this year, using the $3,000 budgeted for that purpose. He did not have a date or a vendor lined up at that time.

On Wednesday, with Johnson absent, the topic was discussed again at the regular board meeting with the consensus being reached to hold the money over until next year. The hope was that with another $3,000 from next year’s budget a better display, and maybe even other entertainment, could be planned.

“With 10 or 11 months of planning let’s try to get everyone working together and make this happen,” said village President Bruce Nopenz.

Trustee Carolyn Dodge pointed out that with a major realignment of committees taking place after the April election “there wasn’t a whole lot of time” to arrange a fireworks show for 2015.

Clerk Terry Faber also pointed out that there is a line item in the revenue budget for fireworks donations, which the village could ask for.

The community group Silver Lake Citizens for Growth led efforts to raise funds for fireworks displays, before the group disbanded due to a lack of participation. Supporting the idea of combining this year’s funds with next year’s, resident Allen Dunski, a former Citizens for Growth member speaking from the audience, said the last display the group sponsored with just $3,000 left people disappointed.


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