Moon view July, 18, 2015

/ by Darren Hillock

/ by Darren Hillock

I was fascinated with the view of the moon in the western sky this evening, so I took this photo. I am not much of an evening sky photographer, so if you have a better shot please share ( and I will post yours too.

Anyone know what the nearby bright spot in the sky is?



  1. Dale Mellor says:

    That is Venus and further to the right will be Jupiter. It is a totally awesome sight. Wish I’d had a decent camera to capture it myself. ..

  2. Jim O'C says:

    That’s a really nice shot Darren! Good work

  3. Ken Penge says:

    The bright light in the photo although known as both the Evening and Morning star is actually not a star at all, but the planet Venus. During the summer months Venus is one of the brightest objects in the night sky and is often mistaken by many as being the north star.

  4. girlduranduran says:

    It was truly an amazing site. Someone in Greece got a great shot of the moon, Venus and Jupiter all in a triangular pattern.

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