Meet & Greet event for Silver Lake residents with Sheriff’s Dept. Tuesday

kcsd-doorA Meet and Greet for Silver Lake residents to become more familiar with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department will take place at Silver Lake Village Hall on Tuesday, June 16, from 10 a.m. to noon.

Cake and coffee will be served. Residents can meet with Sheriff Dave Beth and the officers that will be patrolling the village. You will also be able to see the new squad car.

The Sheriff’s Department is expected to take over patrol of the village starting later this week after the anticipated approval of a contract between the village and the County Board by the county on Tuesday.

The village has been operating its own police department. With approval of the contract, the village will dissolve that department.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity for Silver Lake residents to come and meet the officers that will be protecting our village, some of them that we already know from their previous jobs with Silver Lake Police Dept. They might have changed from a blue shirt to a brown uniform shirt, but their dedication to us remains. Good luck to all the officers. Welcome to Silver Lake!

  2. Police Presence says:

    My neighborhood is very pleased with the arrival of the Kenosha County deputies, and we thank our former police officers for their years of service. Our community continues to move forward towards IMPROVING our lives here in our village, and that is refreshing. Are there naysayers? Sure. Anybody listening to them? These are good times for our village, with better ones just around the corner.

  3. Sam posey says:

    My oh my it’s two days since a police officer had driven down are street where my 92 year old father lives and once felt secure by officer Schneider wow what a shock maybe Wyatt punsley could help make my father feel secure once again! Like Aerosmith once sang dream on, bad call that’s all!

  4. Sam posey says:

    Ok it’s going out of hand my 92 year old dad is scared and I’m angry about the lack of police presence in this town I don’t care if u print this or not at least u no how Angry we r on the south side of silver lake stop this before it gets really bad I’m very serious Bruce you no who I am!!!!!!!

  5. Sam posey says:

    Mr. Nopenz when did silver lake raise the speed limit to 45 mph down here by the Dairy Queen? I must have missed that along with the removal of the 4 way stop sign how foolish on my part to be watching out for my dad and not the laws of the land!!!!! Maybe Wyatt punsley could volunteer and help out k town they’ve been slacking!

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