Sheriff and district attorney to meet this week on animal abuse investigation

SOme of the cows removed from teh Brighton farm and now housed at Sheriff's David Beth's Farm as they appeared on May 25. /Earlene Frederick photo

Some of the calves removed from the Brighton farm and now housed at Sheriff’s David Beth’s Farm as they appeared on May 25. /Earlene Frederick photo

Sheriff David Beth and District Attorney Robert Zapf along with Sheriff’s Department detectives are expected to meet this week on “further steps” in an investigation of animal abuse at two farms, one in Brighton and one in Paris.

Numerous dead calves and unhealthy animals were discovered at the Brighton farm on May 22. Subsequent investigation found more dead calves at a Paris farm owned by the same family.

In all, about 80 dead calves in various stages of decay were found on the two farms. A remaining 15 live calves on the Brighton farm were removed to Sheriff Beth’s farm. Some 100 head of cattle at the Paris farm were found to be healthy and allowed to stay there.

Beth personally visited both of the farms over the weekend and observed huge improvements, said a media release from the Sheriff’s Department issued late Tuesday. “The family continues to be very cooperative in this clean-up process and the conditions are now satisfactory,” the release said.

Also from the release:

The status of the 15 calves currently at Sheriff Beth’s farm will be re-evaluated after the meeting with the district attorney.  Sheriff Beth reports that the smaller calves of the 15 animals are showing signs of improvement. Deputies are continuing with the daily inspections at the farms noting that the (family) have already begun to reduce the size of the herd at the (Paris) farm by allowing other farmers to purchase some of the cattle.”

The conditions at the Brighton farm were detected after a state agriculture department worker reported the presence of dead calves at the Brighton farm to the Sheriff’s Department, Beth said. The state worker was there due to stray voltage issues.


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