Randall School students participate in Gateway robot competition

/Submitted photo

/Submitted photo

Twelve students from Randall participated in the Gateway Sumo Bot Competition on April 30th at the iMET campus in Sturdevant.

Middle school and high school teams were eligible to participate. This year there were 30 robots at the competition, with some schools bringing as many as 5 from their school.

Randall brought 2 robots, both of them Vex Robotics robots the students designed and constructed to participate in the four events at the competition.

Event #1 was a task event. Each robot had to pick up an unsharpened pencil, sharpen it on something the robot had on its body, draw a line, and then cross the finish line before 2 minutes had lapsed.

Event #2 was a timed slalom course. The bot raced against time, through a marked course. Each team was allowed 2 tries, each team trying to get the best time.

Event #3 was the sumo bot wrestling event. The robots are placed on a 6 foot diameter ring exactly 1 foot apart and equal distance from the center of the ring. The robots are set down parallel to each other and facing opposite directions so that robots had to actively search for the other bot. The goal is for the robots to push the opponent off the ring, each time scoring a point. The most points earned in the time allotted wins the event.

Event #4 was a presentation. Each team had to present to a set of judges the steps and procedures they went through to design and develop their robot. They had to explain the challenges and successes along the way in trying to prepare for the tasks. Each team was required to design a Power Point and display board for this.

Teams attending this event received a t-shirt and lunch compliments of Gateway’s Engineering Programs, Pat Hoppe-Coordinator. Trophies were presented to the winning teams for each category and then overall.

Team members are: Jason Rullman, Mason Worklan, Jacob Erickson, Alex Wank, Emily Hershelman, Celeste Leedle, Dawson Schumacher, Kaldan Kopp, Grady Duffy, Gavin Mortensen, McKinley Boyle, Elliana Zerr.

/Submitted photo

/Submitted photo


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