Lakewood School robotics teams compete at Gateway Technical College-Sturtevant

/Contributed photo

/Contributed photo

Two Lakewood School teams — Team Rocket and Team Shout — competed in their first Robotics Competition sponsored by Gateway Technical College-Sturtevant campus.

The Lakewood teams competed against other middle school students as well as high school students. The students first task was to build the robot from a VEX kit. After this, there were four tasks the teams had to figure out how to accomplish for the competition:

  • Timed speed and agility course.
  • A presentation and poster of how their robot’s design came to be and why it is the best robot for the competition.
  • A timed task — This year the task was to have the bot take a pencil off a cinder block, sharpen it, and then have it draw a 1 inch line on a paper on the floor. The kids only had 2 minutes to accomplish this task and only got 2 tries at it.
  • Sumobot wrestling  — This consisted of 3 min. bouts, double elimination, where the bot’s task was to force the other bot off the table (only 1 inch off ground, 6 ft. diameter).

Team Rocket came home with a 2nd Place overall (out of 30 teams) in Speed and Agility with a time of 38 seconds.

Team members were: Zander Sandstrom, Cade Markee, Kailey McKillip, Devin Moffit, Sean O’Dowd, Zack Jones, Victoria Livingston, Rowan Suhre,
Kieth Nowicki, Allison Clark, Travis Sieple.

/Contributed photo

/Contributed photo



  1. maureen says:

    very cool!!!

  2. Val McCarthy says:

    Congrats Team Rocket on your second place win in your robotics competition! Devin I’m so very proud of you and your whole team! Building those robots is so cool!! Kudos from Canada for a job well done!!! Love Grandma McCarthy

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