Units responding for crash in Paddock Lake

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

At about 6:50 a.m., sheriff’s deputies are responding for a report of a crash in the 24600 block of 75th Street (Highway 50) in Paddock Lake.

Per dispatch: Crash involves a pick-up truck and a sewage pumping company truck. No injuries being reported at this time.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    I’m guessing that Salem Fire & Rescue responded with at least a fully staffed fire engine, as well as a PARAMEDIC staffed ambulance, along with the Paddock Lake Sheriff officer, backed up by Kenosha County sheriff squad. Take that same accident and place it in downtown Silver Lake. See what “status quo” gets you. Progressive Paddock Lake!

  2. I wasn’t on the scene, but I did not hear Salem F/R toned out for this one. Sometimes that happens when there are no injuries and no significant mess. But I could be wrong.

  3. Sl Goverment says:

    Darren it is a good thing they are toned out. They have a fully staffed Engine and Paramedic unit. Manned by crossed trained Firefighter/Paramedics. They are out of the engine house within 30 seconds and is a guarantee a response. They are on top of the game. Policing is done right also. A Sheriff Deputy in the Village of Paddock Lake and is backed up by another Sherriff Deputy in the area. Game on. Good job. Silver Lake is headed in that direction with the new board. Get it done.

  4. Paid Deputy. So what? says:

    If Paddock Lake did not have a sheriffs deputy on payroll patrolling their village just where do you think Sheriff Beth would have a patrol car sitting in that sector of the county anyways?
    Considering the traffic volume, the population, the proximity to many other areas, I would think that the sheriff would have a patrol car dedicated to Paddock Lake. And at no extra cost to the Village.

    Unless your going to pay for 24 hour coverage it’s a crapshoot when an accident happens and where the patrol car is located.

  5. Status Quo No Mo says:

    @SL Government…..good point… Silver Lake is headed in the right direction, law enforcement provided by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Dept,, fire and rescue upgraded to PARAMEDIC level response. They are “getting it Dunn”!!

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Paid Deputy. So what? Following your logic “traffic volume, population, the proximity to many other areas”, all criteria you deem would mandate the sheriff “dedicate” a patrol car to “at no extra cost”, wouldn’t that same criteria apply to: Bristol, Salem, Twin Lakes, Somers, Pleasant Praire, and oh yes, the city of Kenosha as well. You’ve got some pretty twisted logic..if a village or town has “24 hour coverage”, then it’s no longer a “crapshoot when and accident happens and where the patrol car is located”(your words,not mine) makes absolutely no sense! “Dedicated patrol car” or not, virtually any accident involving injuries or blocking traffic is going to require MORE than 1 squad car. You make it sound like there is a plethora of KCSD patrol squads blanketing the county, just “sittin’ around(yes, PAID) waiting for accident to occur. Your lack of understanding how law enforcement operates is GLARING!

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