Niccolai resigns from Salem School Board

Salem School Board member Jack Niccolai resigned from the board Tuesday.

Niccolai, who just won re-election April 7, read the following statement at the meeting:

I want to thank the taxpayers for their vote of confidence and the school board members for their support and encouragement. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am forced to re-evaluate my place on this board. I realize that I cannot devote the time and energy this seat requires. I am therefore resigning from my board position after this meeting is adjourned. I am asking that my privacy be respected in this matter. I am confident that this board will continue to move our school in the right direction. I recommend Parisa Watson to fill my chair. She has proven a valuable member of this board in the short time she served.”

District administrator David Milz said there is no set procedure the board must follow in the case of a board vacancy He expects the board to discuss the matter at a future meeting.

Board reorganization did occur at Tuesday’s meeting:¬†Dana Powers is president, Nick Pauloni is the vice president, Lisa Hinze is the treasurer, Shane Gerber is the clerk.


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