Twin Lakes approves keeping fox at village residence

/"Vulpes velox" by  Kilarin Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

/”Vulpes velox” by Kilarin Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

A Twin Lakes resident will be able to keep a domesticated fox at a residence in the village after actions by the Village Board Monday.

Richard Chapman had made the request to house the fox at a Indian Point Road address. The fox will be raised to have contact with humans. Chapman has built an enclosure to house the fox when it cannot be directly supervised.

The board took two actions to make Chapman’s request a reality. First it amended the village ordinance definition of domesticated animal to include any “other animal as approved by the Village Board on a case by case basis.” It then approved Chapman’s specific request to keep a fox.

Before the amendment, domesticated animals were defined in the village ordinance as dog, cat, ferret or pot-bellied pig.


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  1. DNR says:

    note: for “native captive wild animals,” which a red fox apparently would be, a Class B “Captive Wild Animal Farm License” $50 Initial Application/$25 Renewal is required. Also, the fox must be kept in a pen at all times that meets the minimum requirements as listed in the regulations pamphlet; the fox “may not be kept in any part of a building or home where people live unless receiving temporary health care.

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