County Division of Health investigating salmonella outbreak

The Kenosha County Division of Health today issued the following statement regarding a salmonella outbreak investigation centered on a Kenosha business:

The Kenosha County Division of Health is currently investigating an outbreak of Salmonella in the community after receiving several reports of cases in the county. The Division of Health is investigating food purchased over Mother’s Day weekend (May 9-10, 2015) at Supermercado Los Corrales (3933 52nd Street, Kenosha 53144) in Kenosha County as a possible source of the outbreak. As of today, the source of the outbreak has not been confirmed. The Division of Health is currently working with the facility. The meat and food preparation area of the Supermercado is temporarily closed while the investigation is ongoing, but the remainder of the establishment is open. The investigation began on May 15, 2015 when the Division of Health staff received positive Salmonella lab reports. Interviews with ill individuals are being conducted and laboratory testing is currently underway. Salmonellosis is an illness with variable severity. People infected with Salmonella bacteria may experience the following symptoms: Diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. The illness usually lasts 4 to 7 days and most persons recover without treatment. Bloodstream infections are infrequent but can be quite serious, particularly in the very young or elderly. Anyone who is experiencing the symptoms listed above for more than 4 days should contact their health care provider. Salmonella bacteria are usually transmitted to humans by eating foods contaminated with the bacteria. Thorough cooking kills Salmonella. Food may also become contaminated by the hands of an infected food handler who did not wash hands with soap after using the bathroom. The illness is passed from the feces of people or animals to other people or animals. Salmonella is identified through laboratory testing of the stool of an infected For more information or, please call the Kenosha County Division of Health at (262) 605-6700, (800) 472-8008, or visit


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