Loose dog near Highways B and NN

loose-dog-5-11-2015A westofthei.com reader reports the following regarding what appears to be a lost dog:

It is running along both sides of Hwy B just south of NN. It has a collar, tags, and one of those shock boxes on the collar. Looks to be mainly yellow lab, but has more of a golden retriever face. A lady almost hit it and I drove by several times and got out of my car with treats several times, but it’s just too scared and runs away. On one drive-by it was having an attempt at a curbside snack at a home that is located in the 5400 block of Highway B. I rang their bell, but no one was home other than their dogs that were inside the house barking. The cell phone picture isn’t the best, but it’s a really pretty dog that happens to be sopping wet.  It ran from the food and went behind the tree when I got out.


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