Silver Lake to stick with current meeting schedule

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board kicked around but ultimately rejected going back to two board meetings a month.

As of January, the board has been having one committee of the whole meeting on the first Wednesday of the month and one regular board meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. The committee of the whole meeting is for discussing issues and the regular board meeting for acting on matters through formal votes. Having only one regular meeting also saves the village some money because trustees are paid less for attending committee meetings.

Village President Bruce Nopenz raised the possibility of going back to two regular meetings at Wednesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. He said he felt it might help the village deal with a large volume of business.

“With all the thing that are going on in the village we might get more done with two meetings,” Nopenz said.

That posion was supported by some other board members.

Trustee Pat Dunn said he favored going back to two meetings because having votes at only one could slow down how long long it takes to get new initiatives passed.

“We need to keep with the two …,” said Dunn.

But other board members defended the current system.

Trustee Roger Johnson pointed out that enough money to pay trustees for two board meetings per month was not budgeted. He also pointed out that some nearby municipalities do not have two regular board meetings in a month.

Paddock Lake, Salem and Twin Lakes also have a committee of the whole meeting and then one regular board meeting each month. Randall, Bristol and Wheatland have two regular board meetings a month. Paris and Brighton have one regular board meeting per month.

Ultimately the board decided to stick with the current structure, utilizing special board meetings where votes could be taken when necessary.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Once again, REFRESHING to see that our board could consider an issue, have differing opinions on it, yet resolve that issue in a PROFESSIONAL manner.
    Without the president having to POUND THE GAVEL!!! Kudos to the board!

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    Roger Johnson correctly pointed out that funds were not budgeted for 2 board meetings per month. Our new board is going to have a REAL CHALLENGE trying to figure out what to do with our monthly LEGAL BILLS which have SKY ROCKETED!!! Maybe they could hold a STREET DANCE or BAGGO TOURNAMENT to help out with an UNPRECEDENTED legal bill!!!!!!! That will be “The Queen’s” LEGACY!!!!!

  3. Stifled Comments says:

    It appears the ban on comments continues.

  4. Please explain says:

    I honestly don’t understand the hate on a street dance…. Can someone explain this to me? I remember them quite fondly as a youngster in silver lake. It was a great way to raise money and bring the SLFD and SLRS together. It brought the community together for some fun, there were family events, and my favorite the water fights. Come on Alen I remember you enjoying them as a kid too. Heck I remember mr Galich working at them and his family enjoying them too!!! So many small communities all across wisconsin rely on such events to support there local fire and rescue but in silver lake it’s as if it’s condemned as if silver lake is better than a fund raiser!?!? I am sure glad to be out of there. In the small village I’m in now our volunteer fire dept isn’t above a brat fry… Actually stopped by and had some lunch at it last weekend just to support them and tell them thank you! It’s amazing what happens to a small town when ppl feel big city entitlements.

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Please explain…..perhaps you could explain why our police department, public works, office personnel, village board, etc NEVER had to “sell brats” or sponsor a “baggo tournament” to fund their operations. But the FIRE DEPARTMENT has to? We ask our firefighters to run into burning buildings, but won’t provide appropriate funding to buy turnout gear, breathing masks, etc. Looks like you weren’t around this past year when not only did our fire department have OUTDATED SCBA(breathing masks/tanks) that the village would not replace, we had to SHUT OUR FIRE TRUCKS DOWN because the TIRES WERE OUTDATED. Not sure what you mean by “big city entitlements”. Last time I checked, our firefighters were expected to crawl into a snotty back bedroom fire and try and rescue the baby and put the fire out…..just like their “big city” counterparts. Can anyone fathom our police department having to sell bratwursts and burgers to buy bullets for their guns, or tires for their squad cars, you know, thsoe “big city entitlements”.

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Please explain: If you think bringing back the “Street Dance” is going to bring the SLFD and the SLRS “together”(your words,not mine!), you truly must have been living in a cave these last couple of years, or at the very best, are suffering from an acute case of “denial”. I don’t care if you are Pro-Rescue, Pro Fire, Pro or anti both, they are NOT going to “come together’ again. SLRS has STEADFASTLY REFUSED to embrace ANYTHING that would remotely be considered “working” with SLFD. They continue to embrace the concept that since they are a private, non-profit company, they do not have to be held accountable to the village board. They do not believe they should have to work under the Incident Command/Unified Command system that SLFD operates under. They do not want to be a part of the SLFD. They do not wish to upgrade to paramedic level service(“big city entitlement”?) and continue to maintain our residents do not need that level of service. If you think bringing back the street dance is going to harbor harmony, can’t you just picture Dean and Greg frying brats together, Dan and Allie dancing in the streets, everyone holding hands singing “Kum-bye-yah”
    Upon further reflection, ya just might have something there!!! FREE BEER!!!??

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