Twin Lakes looking to hand off fiscal agent duties for Community Library

bookshelf-mf-jppi_optThe Twin Lakes Village Board on Monday voted to inquire of the other Community Library municipalities if they would be interested in becoming the library’s fiscal agent.

“We’re willing to give it up if anyone’s interested,” said village administrator Jennifer Frederick.

As the current library fiscal agent, Twin Lakes contracts for the annual audit and does some monthly financial reporting for the library, FrederickĀ said. Library staff performs day-to-day book keeping

However recent changes to state regulations call for the fiscal agent to also perform that everyday book keeping, in effect operating like the library was another department of the village government, said Kevin Fitzgerald, a Twin Lakes trustee and the current president of the Community Library board.

However, Twin Lakes would prefer to avoid taking on that additional work for its office staff.

Fitzgerald pointed out changes would probably be minimal if Salem took on the fiscal agent duties, as SalemĀ also uses the same auditor and insurance company for employee health insurance as Twin Lakes. Salem, as the largest of the five member municipalities, also has the largest office staff.

Salem was the fiscal agent for the library before Twin Lakes took over the duties during a period in which Twin Lakes officials were concerned about financial practices with the library.

The five Community Library municipalities are Salem, Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, Randall and Silver Lake.


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