Salem electors OK $15,000 donation to The Sharing Center by 1 vote

town-of-salem-sign-webSalem electors narrowly approved a donation of $15,000 to The Sharing Center at Tuesday’s annual town meeting of electors.

The motion to make the donation was made by resident Tim Squier. The vote was 16 for and 15 against.

Squier also made the motion at 2014’s annual meeting for a $10,000 donation to The Sharing Center. The 2014 motion was passed by a “nearly unanimous vote,” according to our coverage from last year.

During discussion of the motion before the vote, town administrator Patrick Casey said there is no obvious money in the town’s approximately $4.7 million budget for such a donation.

“There is no extra money to shift over to The Sharing Center,” Casey said, suggesting taxes might need to be raised to accommodate the request. “It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a challenge.”

Squier challenged Casey’s assertion that the money would be hard to find.

“I think its a little exaggerated to say we don’t have the money,” Squier said. If needed, perhaps the town could conduct a fundraiser to meet the obligation, he added.

“It’s not a struggle,” Squier said. “It is a reality that we have to take care of ourselves. The number should realistically probably be like $50,000.”

During the discussion, The Sharing Center executive director Sharon Pomaville explained the relief agency’s work. While the center serves clients throughout Western Kenosha County, about half are Salem residents.

Other items from the annual meeting include:

Community Library — Chris Skrzynecki announced his intention to make two motions related to the Community Library. One was for the Town Board to do what was necessary to give the town the predominant representation on the Library Board it is entitled to under current state law. The other was to relate to Salem becoming the fiscal agent of the library. Currently, the 10-member Library Board has two members from each of the five member communities, as was allowed when the library was created in 1980. However, current state law calls for joint libraries to have a board with members apportioned by population. Library Board member from Salem Gail Peckler-Dziki made a passionate case against changing the board composition, saying the state Department of Public Instruction has admitted it has no power to force a change, though it could withhold some state funding if the change is not made. Eventually, Skrzynecki withdrew his first motion and never formally introduced his second.

Highway JF speed limit — Rock Lake resident Karen Ihlen asked the board to consider seeking a lower speed limit on Highway JF where it runs along the Rock Lake neighborhood. She said the neighborhood is already concerned about speeding in the area, which many feel might be aggravated further when construction occurs at the Highway 83 and Highway C intersection.

Highway C and 83 roundabout — The board and electors also discussed the state’s intent to put a roundabout intersection at Highways 83 and C, where there are now traffic signals. Board members related that they have had extensive discussion with the state, but WisDOT seems still set on building a roundabout at the intersection. State officials say the roundabout will make the intersection safer by slowing traffic and minimizing t-bone crashes. Currently, the intersection ranks among the 5 percent most dangerous in southeast Wisconsin.



  1. Waiting in Silver Lake says:

    Umm……we’re still waiting for our $50,000 library “donation” here in Silver Lake. I thought that was “approved” by the voters last year? We need to paint the “White Elephant” statue in front of the building, but can’t afford the paint. Can anyone advise the status?

  2. passionate case says:

    Where I came from, elected officials and their appointees, take an oath to uphold the state laws. I think it is the same in Wisconsin
    Isn’t there something wrong with an appoint.

    making any sort of ‘passionate case ‘ to violate the state laws?

    Shame on the electors who gave any attention to this “passionate case “.
    Shame on the electors who didn’t raise up the one citizen who wanted to instruct the town board to follow the letter of the law

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