Public hears proposal for Sheriff’s Department patrol of Silver Lake

sl-kcsd-public-hearing-crowdThe public got its first look at what the cost of having the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department perform dedicated patrol of Silver Lake, in lieu of the village maintaining its own police department.

The proposal was the subject of a public hearing held at Riverview School Tuesday night. About 50 people attended.

Sheriff David Beth presented a written informal proposal with a couple of options at the meeting.

After looking at stats for calls in the village answered by both the Silver Lake Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department, Beth said he feels the village could do well by contracting for 16.5 hours of dedicated patrol. That would cost the village $275,079. Beth also recommended contracting for an addtional 43 shifts to be used as needed and billed only after being used. That would cost up to $19,000.

The 2015 budget for the Silver Lake Police Department is about $339,000 so Beth’s proposal would be a savings of about $45,000. The village PD parols for 20 hours a day with calls from outside that period being already handled by KCSD.

Beth’s proposal includes an option for 13 weeks of water patrol at an added cost of $4,678 after DNR reimbursement. Silver Lake budgeted $20,000 for water patrol in 2015, and also typically receives the 68 percent DNR reimbursement that reduces the actual cost.

Two shifts of dedicated coverage would run from 6:45 a.m. to 11 p.m. Current SLPD full-time officers would be offered jobs as deputies, but would have to go through training and survive a probation period Because of that training, it is likely they would not be patrolling Silver Lake for a while.

Beth said the KCSD would be willing to buy a squad car the village has on order. It would be up to the village to decide what to do with all other SLPD assets.

Beth started out by answering submitted written questions. Once audience members began to speak, he sometimes addressed questions raised by them as well.

Nine audience members spoke at the meeting. At least three of those people were opposed to contracting with the sheriff’s department. Many of the others asked questions without expressing an opinion.

The board will meet again Wednesday evening for a regular board meeting. Discuss/Possible Action on the Public Hearing regarding the Possibility on contracting with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is on Wednesday’s board agenda, under president’s agenda. That will be the last meeting for the current board before members elected April 7 take the oath of office next week.

On Tuesday, village President Sue Gerber said a decision on whether to contract with KCSD will likely be made by the new board.

Sheriff David Beth addresses the audience.

Sheriff David Beth (standing) addresses the audience.



  1. SL Goverment Gone Wild says:

    It’s simple. Do it because it is best for all the citizens. A no brainer.

  2. Says who? says:

    A one sided meeting with no real numbers doesn’t make it what’s best for everyone. Do done homework and have a R&L quote with real numbers, then make a decision.

  3. Bernard Punsely says:

    One Call…..THAT’S ALL!

  4. Bernard Punsely says:

    @Says who: “One sided meeting”? Really….how did you come to THAT conclusion. 1. Village Board, via Sue Gerber set up the meeting 2. EVERYONE was invited to attend. About 50 folks did. Where were the REST of the residents? 3. “No real numbers”….umm….dont’ know what planet you are from, “numbers” were pretty concrete. 4. “Make a decision” Current board will take the “real numbers” and WILL make a decision……no matter what they decide, you won’t like it. Says Bernard.

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    Remember the old Lynnard Skynnard song “Give Me Back My Bullet”…….

  6. Sam posey says:

    Hey Bernard remember the guns n roses song welcome to the jungle?

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