Daisy Girl Scouts Troop 7346 strive to make the world a better place

/Submitted photo

/Submitted photo

Daisy Girl Scouts from Troop 7346 in Twin Lakes recently learned what it takes to Make the World A Better Place, and did some amazing things to earn their badge.  They took on the challenge of doing five things each,  over a two-week time period.  So, together these girls did 90 things.  The girls did a variety of tasks, from starting gardens to help the environment, to donating toys to children in need.   Some helped the sick and elderly, recycled, did a better job of sharing, opened the door for someone, etc.  In the photo above, the girls displayed a poster that  they created showing themselves with one of the things they did to make a difference.  The girls want to ask the community to do the same, take a moment to reflect on some things you can do to make the world a better place and do them.  Ask yourself, have I done anything good in the world today.

A couple comments from a discussion of the project:

  • Troop Leader Kelly James-Piccolo: “ Simple things can have an amazing impact, even if it is just a smile.”
  • Teegan Glaves: “I learned that it is easy to help the environment, animals and people.”
  • Mia Piccolo: “I went through my room and found some toys that I could give to people in need, that made me feel good.”
  • Arlina Ostrander: “ I started two garden kits.”
  • Lorelai Smith: “I didn’t litter, I used a garbage can.”

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