UPDATE: Victim’s injury not life-threatening in Lake Shangri-la shooting

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department released the following information regarding a shooting in Lake Shangri-la Monday night:

On 03-30-15, at approximately 2131 hours, Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a shooting incident in the 22000 block of 121st Street (Street name corrected. — DH) in the town of Salem, Kenosha County.   Fire and Rescue units from the Salem Fire Department responded as well.  The incident involved a male victim who reported he had been shot by one of two assailants.  The victim received a non-life threatening gunshot wound and was transported by ambulance to at St. Catherine’s Hospital to be treated.   The male victim reported he had retrieved a gun from his residence after being shot and   it is possible that one of the assailants was also shot.   The two offenders fled the scene in an unknown direction.   Detectives from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department are currently processing the scene and conducting an investigation into this incident.  The name of the victim is not being released at this time.   The Kenosha County Reverse 911 System was utilized in the area of this event to warn area residents of the incident and to report anything suspicious.

Our original reporting on the incident is here.




  1. Barb says:

    121st Street — not 12th Street..

  2. Casey says:

    What is the reverse 911 system? We did not receive a notification.

  3. heather says:

    Have they been cought yet?

  4. jeff says:

    what the heck is that about

  5. Steve says:

    Has anyone heard anything more on this? Was it isolated? was there a motive? any suspects in custody?

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