Gerber doesn’t want to return to Community Library Board

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

Photo by Sanja Gjenero via

Silver Lake Village President Sue Gerber, who also represents the village on the Community Library Board, announced Wednesday that she does not want to serve another term on the Library Board.

“I would chose not to serve another term,” Gerber said at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting.

Her term on the library board is due to expire April 30. She filled out a partial term and then a full term for a total of about five years.

Community Library Board members serve three year terms. Silver Lake’s other representative, Mike Faber, is set to serve until April 30 2016.

Each of the five municipalities in the Community Library system — Salem, Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, Silver Lake and Randall — have two board members on the library board. Though it is not required, several of the communities have traditionally appointed one member from the village or town board, with the other member being at large.



  1. Time to put up or shut up says:

    All you anonymous experts, now is your time to shine! Simply step forward and volunteer to take her place. Of course, most of the “dissolvers” won’t volunteer. It’s much easier to tell everyone what to do vs. actually step forward.

  2. Library Legacy says:

    Here in Silver Lake,we are fortunate enough to have 2 library buildings, one with books, desks, staff, etc, one without. A very unique situation. Thank you, Mike and Sue. The community appreciates your efforts.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Time to put up or shut up: At least you can spell “anonymous”. I DID volunteer to “step forward” and paint the “white elephant”statue outside the building. I even offered to buy the paint. Just trying to do my part.

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