A word from us: Support westofthei.com with voluntary subscription

Make a voluntary subscription to westofthei.com for total value of $10 or more and receive a WOTI oval sticker.

Make a voluntary subscription to westofthei.com for total value of $10 or more and receive a WOTI oval sticker.

As we approach our April 1 anniversary of six years covering the news in Western Kenosha County, we are offering our readers the opportunity to help support the work of westofthei.com with a voluntary subscription  — and also get a way to show off your West of the I pride.

Our main source of revenue over the last five years has been advertising from local businesses and organizations. When you patronize those business, you also support westofthei.com. Now, with our mission established, we are opening up the opportunity for readers to also support our work covering news in Western Kenosha County with a voluntary subscription, as many of our fellow local online news publishers have done.

Access to all of the content on westofthei.com is free and will remain so. We strongly believe in free access to our content.

But for readers who like what we do and want to help us do more, we offer this chance to contribute. You can make a onetime payment or choose an amount to be deducted monthly. Click here to make a contribution. Payments are not tax-deductible.

Everyone making a contribution of at least $10 will receive a WOTI/West of the I (westofthei.com) oval sticker. (See an example here) Show your Western Kenosha County pride!

Thank you for your support of westofthei.com.



  1. Comments Cancelled says:

    OK…I gotta ask…why did you make the decision to cancel the “Comments” on your site? In the past, they were very popular. When readers either go to the site to post a comment, or to read a comment, they are VISITING THE SITE. Isn’t that what you would want your readers to do? Go back and see how comments on all levels have dwindled off. Is that because readers are not submitting them, or you are not posting them? Does not seem to make good business sense. Can you explain?

    1. I’m not sure where you got the idea that comments are cancelled. Posts where comments are closed are few and far between, and only for certain situations.
      Now, do I get behind in approving comments now and then? Yes. This especially happens when most of the new comments are just a few parties rehashing the same old points and taking pot shots at each other from the cover of the digital shrubbery of anonymity. In those cases, approving some more back and forth that isn’t really going anywhere new doesn’t seem to me like my top priority. I know, it shouldn’t matter, and you’re right. It shouldn’t. But such is the reality. I will strive to be more timely in approving comments in the future, even the tiresome ones.

  2. Comments Cancelled says:

    OK. Comments Curtailed may have been more appropriate. I appreciate the explanation and look forward to seeing future comments posted. Thanks!!

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